As I search through the Internet trying to find what is being searched the most and what women are looking for, I kept coming across the Marisa Miller diet. First off, she’s gorgeous, tall, and her stomach is amazing!

Who wouldn’t want to look like her?

I was really surprised to see that her “diet” was one of the more searched plans over the last year. I was surprised because besides some tricks that may not work for most women, her “diet” is based on being all around healthy… nothing fancy. (When you look at some of the other “diets” which many are crazy dangerous and ineffective… it makes you think.)

Let’s take a look at some of her habits and see how you can use them… plus some of her more unique tricks.

1. She Loves To Exercise

Marisa is an avid exerciser and knows it’s vital to keep her body and mind in tip-top shape. From the research I was able to complete based on interviews, she seems to do a lot of bodyweight plyometric and resistance training as well. There also seems to be some pilaties influence in some of her favorite exercises.

The important lesson for you… exercise is key.

Exercise is more than weight loss. It’s to strength your body. It helps you create energy and improves nearly every function of your body from digestion to mental thought. Of course long term exercise creates a more metabolic efficient body meaning it handles the calories you eat easily… it burns them!

Exercise is a staple in every fit persons lifestyle. If you want to be fit and rock your best body, make sure exercise is part of the equation.

2. Be A Healthy Eater

Food is important to Marisa as well. She has some great eating habits which mimic a very clean diet high in vegetables and healthy grains.

Things that I really love which she does:

  • She watch’s her portions. She understands that it can be easy to overeat, however being cognizant of how much you’re eating and what you crave is important. This goes for snack foods, dinners, lunches, pretty much everything you eat.
  • She plans her meals by cooking in bulk. She preps qunoia and brown rice according to Women’s Health Magazine. This is huge though… by pre making a lot of your food, you can ensure you always have something healthy ready to go. This tactic is way under utilized.
  • She uses the smart substitution plan. Rather than eating the bad for your foods which everybody knows about, she substitutes them with better options. For example, kale chips rather than actual potato chips. Substitution can be huge for you, you just need to learn how to do it and have the action to actually do it.

Marisa Miller eats smart. She understands that good foods will automatically give her a great body. It’s really as simple as that.

Her one strange thing?

You’ve probably heard she likes to eat naked. She says it’s hard to overeat when you’re naked and forced to look at your true body.

I can definitely understand this. However for the “normal” overweight woman this might causes some mental issues. It’s a little extreme and I hope say that thinking back to when I was completely disgusted with my body.

Back then if I had to eat naked… I probably wouldn’t have eaten at all.

3. She Makes Fitness Fun

When I say fitness, I don’t mean working out. I mean moving and physical activity.

Marisa does things like surfing and paddle boarding. These are great activities she can do outside. They mix up her workouts as well and that helps to keep them fun and fresh.

Get outside and start to have fun again like you did when you were young. I think this is one reason why 5k races and 10k races are so popular. It’s an environment where you are allowed to get out and be a kid again… move, jump, smile and run.

So do it…. but do more than just run. Experiment with play and you’ll love the results.

I Love Marisa Millers “Diet” And Her Way Of Fit Living

You can’t argue with her sensible way of being healthy. She does what you should do. I am sure she goes a little overboard for her profession at times, but that’s also the cost of being a model. It’s a tough biz.

However, she clearly lives a great fitness and healthy lifestyle that you should want to mimic. By doing so, it will bring out the best body in you!