The Most Romantic Weekend Getaway Without My Husband

This weekend I closed up my laptop, packed up a few things and headed down to Savannah with my mom.

Each year we do a mother-daughter trip and this year she booked “Savannah’s Most Romantic Bed & Breakfast”, the Ballastone Inn for us to kick back and relax at.

I loved the pumpkins and fall feel! 

We both joked the whole ride down about our “romantic” trip.

Friday afternoon we pulled up to the Ballastone located in Downtown Savannah and were shown to our room, The Low Country.

It had an old world charm that we instantly fell in love with. From the decor to the hospitable staff we could see why people rave about the old mansion. We knew we would have a wonderful weekend immediately.

We arrived right in time for tea, so after taking our bags to the room we made our way to the parlor for tea and crumpets. The Ballastone host tea time and happy hour every day.

I had called ahead of time to let them know about my vegan habits but I was still impressed when they brought me soy milk, trail mix and fruit for my tea time (which they brought right after I snapped this image). And at happy hour, I was treated to a plate of fresh veggies since they offered mostly cheese laden dishes.

It’s those little touches that made this place so wonderful.

After tea time, my mom and I set out to explore the area. We window shopped around and made mental notes of places we would come back to the next day.

Time passed by too fast and before we knew it was time for cocktails and dinner! Dinner was just at a little corner place that offered vegan options, the Public. Very good!

Saturday morning started early for me (I can’t seem to ever sleep in when I’m not at home), so I laced up my running shoes and went for a quick jog around downtown and to the river.

I won’t lie, Hurricane Sandy made my run miserable with crazy gusts of winds! After a few miles (2.6) and a few stair runs (6), I was done. I just wasn’t feeling it. So I headed back to the B & B, showered up and headed to breakfast.

The night before I had decided on oatmeal. It came with fresh berries, brown sugar, toast and jam (I left the toast, a girl only needs so many carbs for breakfast). It was delish and a perfect way to fuel up for a day on my feet! My mom had the French toast and raved about it.

The rest of the day was spent spending money! We shopped, stopped for a coffee…

Shopped some more, stopped for lunch…

Lunch we perfect. Neither of us were really “hungry” so when we found the Kayak Cafe and noticed that had 1/2 size salads we were sold. The “Iron Load” for me with grilled tofu and the Greek for her. Light, fresh, and perfect for on the go energy boost.

With new energy, we shopped some more and then headed back to get pretty for a “romantic” dinner out!

After talking to the amazing staff of Ballastone we settled on Circa 1875 (not associated with Charleston’s Circa). It was within walking distance and the reviews were too good to say no to. We were both happy with our choice.

Fancy cocktails were enjoyed at the bar before our reservation.

I had the Original French 75, it was amazing! Not too sweet and I felt like an old movie scarlet sipping this at the bar. My mom went with the Chocolate Cherry Truffle Martini and wow was it good! It was just a bit too sweet for a happy hour cocktail for me.

We sat and chatted until our table was ready. We were taken to the “cellar” of the restaurant which was extremely charming and intimate. Our waiter was amazing, very polite, bubbly and knowledgable about the menu.

So from fancy drinks we went to fancy appetizers… Yes I splurged and had escargot! I can’t pass it up when I see it on a menu.

And for dinner, I went really crazy and had the baked trout with carrots and cappers. It was one of the best fish dinners I have ever had! It might be a close call between Dan’s 30th birthday dinner flounder. I wish I had snapped a picture but I was hungry!

Mom and I chatted and had a great time throughout the date. Once it was done we headed back to the room.

I was out in about 20 minutes. And this morning we ended with one more breakfast (I had the same thing) before getting on the road.

It was an amazing trip and I am so grateful for these experiences that my mom and I share! The next trip we’re thinking either Biltmore or New York City! But my mom is afraid to fly so I guess it comes down to that.

  •  Do you ever have girl weekends away? 

Oh, I have BIG news to reveal tomorrow! Be on the lookout.


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