The Puma Pounce Workout & Puma Review

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Puma.

Happy Labor Day! I hope you’re enjoying the last bit of summer. Family, sunshine, and bbq! If you’re like me you may have indulged a bit too much this weekend which means I am starting the week off with a killer workout. A killer workout doesn’t have to last an hour! In fact, the one I’m getting ready to share is only 12 minutes.

12 minutes. I think we can all fit that in!

The Puma Pounce

I was really excited to finally film at this specific location in Charleston. Dan and I have tried several times over the past few weeks, but weather, crowds, or heat has kept us from succeeding. Finally, we had a gorgeous, quiet day. The heat was still killer but I didn’t mind, I mean these views it’s hard to complain.

puma workout

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Why The Puma Inspired Workout? 

Through my partnership with FitFluential LLC, I was able to test out some awesome new Puma attire. The best way to test new outfits? Try to film a workout in them. If I end up having to pull my capris up, tug at my shirt or feel insecure at anytime during filming then I know the clothes aren’t going to cut it.

As you can see, they passed the test.

First… the shoes. Because I am obsessed with shoes.

These are the Puma Formlite XL Ultra Shoes.


Since getting my Nike’s I have fallen in love with light, minimal shoes for cross training workouts. These shoes, while extremely light are very padded which is extremely important. I feel like a lot of minimal shoes lack comfort in an effort to make it lighter. These retain comfort while weighing close to nothing.

I’ve worn them several times now for everything from running to weight lifting and plyometrics and so far so good. I feel like they give me a great mix of stability and flexibility which is really important for my workouts which involve a lot of jumping and mobility (still on a plyometric and kettlebell kick).

Bottom line, these shoes rock. Just wish they had a bit more color… if they Puma design on the sides were the orange-coral color then they would be bad ass.

puma workout top

This is their Tech Performance Tank and it feels like a sleep shirt. Silky and extremely light, plus I thought it was cool that it’s made with coconut fibers. Something they call “Cocona Technology”r which is suppose to help with whisking and odor. I could definitely tell it’s whisking abilities… as for the odor control? Not so much, I was rolling in the grass… I was smelly all over. Part of the job. I love the lose fit, especially for running! 


Dan was a bit taken back by the capris. When ever I get a new pair of workout pants, my techie, entrepreneurial husband likes to come up with ways to improve the fitness fashion world. For months he’s been saying that workout capris should have a drawstring (because my pants ALWAYS fall down) and that high sweat areas like the knees should have breathable fabric.

Well, apparently Puma heard him and stole his ideas.

Drawstring? Check!


Wasn’t so sure about the drawstring at first. I thought it was feel annoying and that it would bulge out (not a good look for photos and videos) but it didn’t. And as Dan predicted, my pants didn’t fall down. And I didn’t have to deal with a string hanging between my legs (a weird fear of mine with drawstrings).

Breathable Fabric? Check


I feel as if every time I get a new pair of capris, they become my new favorites. But these might really be “the ones”. the material is soft, not too thick (like my Lulu’s) and very breathable. Even though it was over 95-degrees, I survived filming 2 workouts.

And that pocket on the right hip? So much better than being on the back like a few other brands. I hate back pockets because any time I have to lay down to do exercises, the zipper digs into my back and leaves awesome bruises. Problem solved.

And of course my number one requirement… the butt. Are they flattering? That’s what I ask Dan every time I try on capris.

He loved these!

Do you run in the same shoes that you lift in or do you have separate shoes? 

Plans for Labor Day? 

For long runs, I am loyal to my Mizuno Wave Riders. For gym workouts and short runs, I alternate between a few different shoes. If I know I’ll be doing a lot of jumping, I stick to my minimal shoes like these and my Nikes.

*Even though this is a sponsored post, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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