The Rise Of The Sufferfests

Saturday night, we watched a documentary that got me feeling extremely motivated and excited for the year… Rise Of The Sufferfests.

After hearing about it on Wodcast Podcast, I was intrigued and knew it would be a film Dan would be too. It’s not on Netflix but at just $4.99, we had no problem supporting the small film by renting on Amazon (at the link above).

The film talks about the rise of OCR (obstacle course races), why people are crazy enough to sign up for them, and what has people coming back over and over again knowing the pain they’ll endure?

OCR is definitely a psychological challenge just as much as physical. There have been so many times when I’ve raced where during I ask…

“Why the hell do I do this to myself? This sucks. I’m covered in scratched, my body is exhausted, and these challenges are hard as hell.”

Yet… I cross the finish line and suddenly a smile is taking up my entire face and I look high as a kite… on endorphins and pride. The pain is forgotten and before we even wash the mud from under our nails, Dan and I are talking about how we’ll train different for the next one.

And that’s why I loved this film. They get it. Scott Keneally gets it and does an awesome job of showing off the painful and addicting love of OCR.

I also loved learning more about the history.

Who knew some old British man by the name of Mr. Mouse created the first race called Tough Guy (and still holds it!). Then Tough Mud came along…. learned how to market better to the masses and from there we can thank the rise of Spartan Races, Rugged Maniac, and all the others that have popped up.

Anyways… it’s interesting and I suggest you check it out if you love a good documentary and love getting pumped up.

Which brings my to my next topic…

The Year I Wasn’t Planning On Races

(Preface: I’m not sure this makes sense. I have a lot of thoughts in my head and just felt the need to share here! A bit scrambled? Probably.)

Yea, let’s just toss that out the window right now. Originally, I decided I would take a step by from planning races on my calendar. I would train hard in the gym, support Dan with the big races as a spectator and when we were ready to try for the baby thing, my body would be ready.

Great in theory. Right?

We’ve kicked off 50K training for the Quest Race last week. I am definitely not doing this race (Alex is getting married that weekend), but Dan is. And I told him I would train with him and while he was in the mountains running 50K, I would make my own 50K up here in Charleston.

Then there’s the PA Spartan Beasts (last year’s recap) we’ve done two years in a row… I’m doing it.

Yea… life is meant to be lived. I am simply not a sit back and cheer kind of woman. And after watching this movie, I realized how much potential I have. I realized how much this is something we thrive at doing TOGETHER.

Instead of avoiding signing up because of the “what if I’m pregnant”….  I’m looking at it as… “I’m doing this race. If I’m pregnant at that time, then I’ll drop it”.

I do really well when I have something to focus and train for. To be honest, that something has been lacking from my workouts.

Anyone else ever feel the same?

It’s a fear of missing out and a fear of not hitting my goals. Last year, I wanted to get top 10 in the PA Spartan. That didn’t happen. It will happen this year.

Okay, that’s off my chest. So ignore stuff about racing I’ve said these past few months. I’ll call it a split second of insanity.

I’m not sure exactly what I’ll be competing in this year. Right now I only know about the PA Spartan. But I am itching for more. I’ll keep you posted!

What’s your race schedule/plan this year?

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