The Sochi Winter Olympics Inspired Workout

Have you enjoyed watching the Olympics?

Unfortunately, I love the winter games but haven’t had many opportunities to sit down and watch much of them.

I have, however, had time to read the twitter feeds from reporters and athletes talking about the conditions. Twitter is blowing up, and I have to say it’s quite entertaining.

I have to applaud so many of them for making a crappy situation funny and light-hearted. This one is particularly amusing.



But I think it’s important to remember what the Olympics are about: not bad water, unfinished hotel rooms, community bathrooms, poor leaders, etc…

They are about our top athletes sharing their talents as they try to accomplish a life long goal: to medal. I might not agree with the Olympics about the decision to host them in Sochi, however I do support our athletes. So I’ll put politics aside, hypocrisy as well and clap for those that deserve it.

These athletes have dedicated years, even decades (except for Lolo of course) to their sport. And they ALL deserve to have the attention placed back on them. It’s a battle of fitness, not a battle of the toilet.




Let’s bring sport and fitness back into the equation, shall we? 

Let’s have a little fun today and celebrate the Olympics (whether we agree with the political issues or not) with this killer Winter Games Inspired Workout.

Are you ready?

Win Your Winter Olympics Medal Workout


Workout Overview

The premise? Each of these exercises is inspired by a winter sport. Sure, they might have another name any other time of the year, but for all intents and purposes, today they’re moves like Moguls, Speed Skaters, Luge Ride, And Ice Skater Tosses.


Try this little workout today! I know it’s been forever since I shared an entire workout at LiftingRevolution, and with a theme like this, I couldn’t be more excited! Aim for 2-4 rounds total with as little rest as possible!

Even better, don’t rest at all until you complete all 6 moves. Then rest for 30-60 seconds before attacking it again.

Q: What’s Your Favorite Winter Sport? 

Of course I love Figure Skating, but I also loving the Ski Acrobatics. Watching those athletes fly off their ramp and twist and turn through the sky blows my mind. How do you get the courage to even get started?


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