The Sugar Struggle Bus

I am so excited for the weekend! First off, I am so glad y’all liked the podcast with Jessica. Isn’t she awesome? If you haven’t listened to it, you can check it out here.

Tonight the studio is hosting our first “Sweatin’ For Sweets” event!

It’s a belated Valentine’s Day celebration. We’ll kick things off with an awesome partner workout and finish off the night with a dessert bar.

Of course, I’m not giving my clients desserts full of sugar and junk after they just worked so hard…

Each dessert is homemade and a healthier alternative to what we’re used to.

It should be a blast!

I’ve been busy in the kitchen making everything these champagne cupcakes to samoa truffles (recipe to come soon) to chocolate cupcakes with buttercream icing (fresh out the oven below). I just hope everyone approves.

Now, let’s talk about the struggle bus, shall we?

The struggle bus is real, and it’s been driving around my neighborhood far too long.

I’m sharing this with y’all because:

  1. This is my blog/journal for my thoughts and life
  2. To hold my ass accountable

So December through February were perhaps the most stressful months of my life. I won’t go into the details (they aren’t important), but the realities/risks of owning a business became obvious.

Dan and I were faced with new challenges and the two of us had to really think about our goals.

The good news is, it looks like we got through it. The bad news… stress took its toll on me and my body.

(PS… check out our made skills trying to get this picture).

For the first time in a long time… I found myself binging on junk (as mentioned in this podcast), over exercising, feeling fatigued, anxious, weak, self-conscious and well….

Not comfortable in my own skin.

Yes, I could say…

“It’s okay Kindal. It’s life. You’re allowed to go through these times, eat all the cookies you want and blame your sugar binging and crappy energy on stress.”

I could also say,

“Chill out, you don’t look much different. You’re freaking out for nothing.”

And I could. But I won’t.

I think the hardest times are behind us now and with that, means it’s time to take ownership of my body and life.

Forget about the 3-5 pounds I’ve added… I just want to feel in charge again.

I’m sharing this because I’m going to guess I am not the only woman that is stressed out or that has experienced stress induced sugar cravings? Yes?

How To Overcome Stress Eating?

I recently listened to Julie’s podcast on moderators vs. abstainers. And I realized something… I am a abstainer.

No matter how much I wish I could eat just a little bite of something and safe the rest for later… That’s not me. I’m an all or nothing type of girl.

What are you? I’d love to know!

Being an abstainer means this… to get control, I HAVE to go cold turkey. I have to say eff-it and avoid the sugar demons all together.

So here’s what’s going to happen… and if you want to join be, YAY!

I’m not waiting until March 1st, or until Monday. If I do that, I’ll eat more crap with the idea of fitting it in before the big event. Instead, starting today, I am going 30-days sugar free.

So if you follow me on Instagram, don’t be afraid to pester me and ask how it’s going. Don’t be afraid to nag.

And if you want to jump in, I would love it! The more the merrier.

For me personally, tracking my macros has been the BEST nutrition guide for me. I actually eat more, but eat the RIGHT foods. So I’ll be tracking my Macros as well.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, I am still doing time restricted eating. It’s going well but would be doing even better if I was doing better with a balanced nutrition plan.

So wish me luck! Might be hard tonight at the Sweets Event, but I’ll survive!

Thanks for letting me vent. Since that’s off my chest, let’s make sh$t happen.

When it comes to stress…
do you gain an appetite or lose it?


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