The Super Burpee Workout & PMS Relief

Good morning! Are you ready for a new week? I certainly am, I am ready to tackle my to-do list and of course knock out some “Super Burpees”.

What you’ve never heard of a Super Burpee? Oh, my friend, you’re missing out. But worry no more because today’s show will introduce the two of you.

Not only that, but in the nutrition segment, find out what mineral may help cut your pms by as much as 40%. Seriously, who doesn’t love that? I wouldn’t be surprised if I walk in from teaching boot camp to find my fridge loaded up with foods mineral rich… PMS doesn’t just affect me (or you) after all.

So let’s get to it!

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Super Burpee Workout

super burpee workout

Never done a burpee before? Here’s a traditional burpee break down.

Cut PMS With Iron

This study, just recently published in the American Journal of Epidemology was conducted by the Univ of Massechusets and revealed that women who a diet rich in non-heme iron (iron found in plants and supplements) had a 30-40% lower risk of PMS that those that had a lower intake.

How Much?

The ladies with the lowest risk were consuming more than 20 mg of iron/day. It should also be noted that I found that right now the recommended daily amount for women is 18 mg… so if you’re considering changing your iron intake make sure to consult your doctor first!

They all stayed below 45 mg, which is the maximum to avoid getting too much iron in the body.

Why does it help? 

While more research is still be conducted, it’s thought to help because iron is important for the production of serotonin, which helps regulate mood.

Iron Rich Plant Foods

Since the research found that foods high in non-heme iron helped the most, I am focusing on plant rich sources of iron. Heme simply means blood… so red meat for an example, would be a heme-iron source.

Fortified cereals/grains

Dark leafy greens (spinach, kale, mustard greens, etc)

Dried fruit (prunes, raisins)

Beans, lentils, chick peas and soy


Do you eat several of these foods already on a regular basis?

Potassium And PMS

One last thing I found interesting was that the study found that women with a diet high in potassium are more likely to experience PMS than those in a healthy but low range. More research is still being done, but it does raise an eyebrow!

-Burpees? Awesome or the worst exercise ever? 

-Do you suffer from bad PMS? 

I love burpees (just ask my boot campers), and I do them often in my own workouts. There aren’t many moves that can not only make your muscles burn but raise your heart rate quickly as well. Plus there are so many fun ways to change them up! Box jump burpee… check. Pull-up burpees… check. Single-leg burpees… you betcha. And now the Super burpee.

In my early 20s I used to have terrible PMS. I used to just fall into the fetal position and lay until cramps passed. At some points they were so bad my roommates would call me mom (I was in college) asking if I should go to the hospital. They would pass, and life would go on. Now, I think my PMS is more emotional… one second it’s all flowers and sunshine, the next is clouds and rain.


  • Interesting about PMS! I always feel a little low on the iron spectrum. I need to focus on this. Burpees! Love. I want to try this. I see you like under armor as much as I do!!

    • I’m hoping since i eat spinach and kale like it’s going out of style that I am good on the iron! But i might need to measure out one day to verify all that.

  • I’m actually good at burpees (I think shorter people have an advantage with them, quite possibly the only exercise like that), but I don’t know that I really like them… I mean, I’ll go out to run, or do a yoga class, etc… but I usually don’t do burpees unless it’s a part of a class. Just doesn’t occur to me to do them.

    PMS… I haven’t had that in a long time. I used to get it really badly when I was younger, but I guess something happened with my body, maybe just eating a better diet in general, because it stopped a lot after my freshman year of college. I’m not complaining, hehe.

    • I was talking with someone about that the other day… rom for taller vs. shorter people and ease of exercises.

      • Yeah, it’s for real (you haven’t seen me IRL but I’m barely 5’0″, i get my nickname honestly). The worst thing is machine weights… the ROM almost never works for me. So… I don’t really use them. Free weights/body weight work out better anyway.

        • I have that issue as well with most machines, has to do that they’re made for men 🙁 good thing machines stink, lol.

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