The Top 5 Motivational Clips For A Quick, Instant Burst Of “Hell Yea!”

Happy Monday friend.

I hope you had a great weekend! Are you ready for the week ahead? Read to take August by the horns and show it what you are made of?

I certainly am! I am super motivated but that’s not to say I couldn’t use a little more motivational juice. Plus, no matter how motivated I am today, I can’t promise I’ll have that go gettum’ attitude for the next 25 days.

For those days where I’m not feeling it…

There’s this post to come back to.

It’s the pick me up to get that “I’m a freaking rock star” feeling back.

There are a ton of motivational sayings, graphics and videos around the internet world… so sometimes trying to find just the perfect one is impossible. It’s too overwhelming.

And let’s face it, a 10 minute video? Who has time for that?

The Top 5 Motivational Clips For A Quick, Instant Burst Of “Hell Yea!”

The criteria?

    • Must result with a fist pump and a smile.
    • Must be less than 4 minutes in length.
    • Must not be overly cheesy <— hate those

    Other than that, anything is fare game. What I will promise is that by watching at least one of these each morning of the week while sipping on your coffee might just make getting the day going more bearable.

    1. Want Something… Go Get It.

    I’ve seen this clip probably a dozen times, yet it still gets me choked up. I’m writing from a coffee shop at this moment and a lump is in my throat. Gets met every time.

    “If people can’t do something themselves, they want to tell you you can’t do it. If you want something, get it it. Period.”

    Good stuff.

    2. Believe In Yourself

    This never gets old. It’s now a classic and a video I find myself watching every few months.

    3. Hard Work Trumps Genetics

    It’s beautiful, inspiring and gives me a feeling of “I’ll show you.”

    4. They Did It, You Can Too!

    5. Just Because You Fail, Doesn’t Make You A Failure

    Another 4 minute clip that had a profound on me, my production, my passion, and ultimately my faith in myself.

    Watch it, you won’t be disappointed.

    Are you motivated yet?

    What’s your favorite motivational movie?

    I can’t choose just one… Rudy, Pursuit Of Happiness, Invincible, Rocky. I’m sure I could make this list go on and on.


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