The Two People Required To Stay Motivated

Motivation… sometimes its a hard thing to find.

And some of us find it easier than others. Some are motivated by competition, some as easily as looking at inspirational pictures…


And some of us just can’t seem to find any motivation no matter how hard they hunt for it…


When it comes to improving your fitness or your body you need it, bad.

You need to have something or someone that inspires you to change out of warm clothes and into fitness clothes, you need the power to say no to the burger and fries, and you need the strength to continuously make good decisions.


Without it, your efforts are a lost cause and the chase for success is over before it begins.

90% of people fail to hit their weight loss goals… why? It’s not because they can’t do it, it’s because motivation plummets and old habits die hard.

It’s because they don’t yet have the two most important people motivating them.

It takes a village to raise a child, right? Well, when is that child no longer in need of assistance? The truth is, once childhood is over, we still need help raising ourselves.

I was recently asked… who motivates me? 

The answer isn’t a simple one word. There are a lot of people and the answer really depends on what aspect of my life we’re talking about. Who motivates me to be the best entrepreneur I can be? Who motivates me to be the best runner I can be? Who motivates me to be the strongest I can be? Who motivates me to be the best trainer I can be?

The list goes on and on.

But here’s what I have found… for each area in our life we need 2 motivators.

The 2 Motivators You Need To Be Successful


1 –> A Mentor

Luke Skywalker had Yoda and Obi Wan. Zach Morris had Mr. Belding (yes, I still watch Saved By The Bell).

A mentor is someone who has walked in your shoes, has accomplished something that you’re after and can help you to lay out of a plan.

The best piece of advice I can give is this… find a mentor, study them, find out what they did and do it.

Your mentor serves as a blueprint. You know that what you’re after is achievable. It has worked for others and if you do what they did you can be successful too.

Do you have to actually know your mentor? No. Not at all. But you do have to be able to learn about them.

That’s why pictures of complete strangers are often short lived when it comes to staying motivated. You don’t know their story. You don’t know if they were blessed with those abs or if they lost 75 pounds and walked away from a history of addictive eating. It’s hard to find motivation in just a face. You need a story.

Here are a few of my mentors. And yes, I am open to sharing!

Business world –> Howard Schultz (behind Starbucks) and Oprah. Both of these people know what it means to work hard, to stay focused and to keep working towards more. Never settle.


If you’re interested in how Starbucks become so huge, Pour Your Heart Into It is an awesome book!

Fitness business world –> Greg Glassmon, the founder of Crossfit. While, I may not be a lover of crossfit, I do think that the brand loyalty that Greg has created is pretty remarkable. As a local boot camp owner, he has given me tons of motivation to develop our brand.

Running world –> My friend/training partner Katie. I’ve mentioned Katie often over the past year. We’ve been friends for just over a year, but clicked immediately. She is fast, really fast, and seeing her succeed at hitting her goals, makes me realize that settling isn’t an option.

Strength –> My strength mentors often change as I change my overall goals. That being said, at this moment in time I am motivated by Neghar Fonooni. Her passion for fitness and strength is contagious! I’ve been watching her videos, reading her blog and studying!

This list can go on and on! But for now, let’s move on to the second important person you need…


2 –> Yourself.

No matter how motivating your mentor is, or how motivating your spouse is… none of it matters if you can’t motivate yourself.

We get to the state of self-motivation when we have the ‘enough is enough’ moment. That moment when the curtain is finally lifted and you realize that something has to change. It’s as if suddenly a fire of passion has been lit and you’re ready to conquer the world.

When you have that experience, you’re ready for change. Ready for action.

Remember that moment, and when you ever feel as if you’re giving up, remind yourself how you felt when you had that enough is enough moment.

You’re in charge of your life, no mentor, friend, lover or boss can do the job for you. Do the work and things will happen.


Perhaps that means packing your fitness clothes the night before you go to bed, writing your workout schedule out on a calendar, spending Sundays prepping healthy food for the week. Whatever, do things that make not doing things seem impossible (does that make sense?).

No more excuses.

So I will ask you…

Who motivates you? 


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