When you see whole grain written on a bread, cookie, or any product that has carbohydrates on them… you probably think healthy.

Whole gain signifies a product that is not process or refined. It’s a product that contains the entire grain of and all the nutrients of the wheat products used to make it. But did you know…

Many Whole Grain Breads Are WORSE For You!

They contain more calories and more sugar. The calories isn’t really that much of a big deal because if it’s in the form of fiber than that’s good (but that’s a big if). However, sugar is not good and to have a whole grain bread full of sugar and refined wheat is a flat out lie.

In fact there are currently no standards for defining what a “whole grain” product really is. This is why you see the discrepancies and false labeling going on.

So a test was put on by Rebecca Mozaffarian, the manager at the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences at HSPH.

Their Whole Grain Shake Down

Her colleagues and herself went to two major US grocery store chains. At each, they collected 545 grain products ranging from breads, bagels, crackers, granola bars, chips, and cereals.

They also collected the nutrition content, the ingredient lists, and the presence of the Whole Grain stamp on the product packages.

The Shocking Whole Grain Truth They Discovered

The products with the Whole Grain stamp here higher in fiber and lower in trans fats. Both really good signs, but according the information about the study, they did not say how much.

However, these same products contained significantly more sugar and calories compared to the products without the Whole Grain stamp. They said the best way to tell if the bread product you’re about to get will be healthier is to look that the ratio of total carbohydrates to fiber.

If that ratio is less than 10 to 1 then you will have a healthier option. Just to make sure you understand the ratio…

When you locate total carbohydrates on the package, find how much fiber is listed as well. If the total carb number is ten times higher than the fiber number or more… it’s going to be loaded with refined grains, sugar, and probably more carbs too.

How You Ca Avoid This Whole Grain Fiasco!

First, try to cut back on the amount of bread and carb products you use. I’m not saying you should go low carb at all… but most people tend to eat too much anyway. Buy cutting back a little, you’ll probably help your waistline.

Second, since you can cut back, you can also purchase high end breads like any bread that is made from sprouted grains. These are very healthy as they contain no flour and zero refined grains.

Plus sprouted breads make the best toast!

Learn more about the food you’re eating always. You’ll be surprised at what you find and how it is probably impacting your body in ways you never thought possible.

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