The Women ONLY Workout… Vagina Weights

There is a new free weight system for women and I can not pass up the chance to blog about it. These little weights are truly created for women’s workouts only! I can’t really say anything bad about them… after all you know how I am an advocate for free weights and these fall in that category…

They aren’t for your home gym collection though, they aren’t going to help sculpt your ass, or legs, or arms…. but they will help tone and tighten your vagina.

Yup… you read it right, free weights for your vagina! I can’t help but giggle a little but I have to say they look kind of promising.

Why would you want to give your vagina a workout?

For a couple of reasons actually. Several women suffer from urinary stress incontinence and poor pelvic floor function (which can make sex painful and not so enjoyable). So by

StepFree Weight System

strengthening your pelvic floor muscles (those that kegels are suppose to work) it is the best treatment option.

StepFree Weights are the names of these light weights that get inserted into your vagina like a tampon. Then it is up to you to squeeze your kegals tight, other wise you might be walking and have to explain why something just fell out from between your legs and landed on the ground (not really, I suggest only using them around the privacy of your home).

The set comes with different inserts weighing from 20-70 grams. Start out with the lightest, insert and get to where you can hold it in for around 15 minutes. As you get used to that one, move up to the next weight and so forth. Until you’re a vagina weight training pro!

Can’t help but wonder… do they make penis weights? I always thought that penis push-ups where a myth but if we can do vagina weight training the boys should have to do something too!


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