This Exercise Can Give You Kim Kardasian’s Butt & Jessica Biel’s Abs

And it doesn’t even include a squat or a crunch.


Before I jump right into fitness, I have a secret to reveal.

I have a girl crush on Jessica Biel. She’s always been my she-crush and I’m not ashamed.



So, Jessica, if you read this…

Let’s grab a latte, go run on the beach, lift some heavy weights and finish off with a glass of wine (or two).

And yes, Justin can come along too. <— As long as he sings while we workout.

Why have SexyBack playing when he can just perform it live?

As far as Kim Kardasian?

She’s married to Kanye. I think that pretty much is all I have to say about her. No, she isn’t allowed to join into the Taylor-Jessica girl’s day. But I will give her credit, girls got an ass.


I’m actually surprised Kanye hasn’t written a song about it… oh wait, it’s not his ass so that would explain that.

Moving on…

What it takes: Efficiency

To get a stomach like Jessica and a butt like Kim, what do you need?

An EFFICIENT workout.

Something that delivers a big bang for your buck. There are so many ways to define an efficient workout, but for today…

It’s a workout that is able to accomplish 2 things:

  1. Building muscle (hypertrophy).
  2. Burning fat… the only way to see those beautiful abs.

And all in the least amount of time possible. Let’s face it, if it takes hours or 6 workouts a week, that’s not efficient. That’s very inefficient.

There there is the great debate among fitness lovers… is it possible to build muscle while at the same time burn fat?

The answer is simple…


For one, as you build more muscle, your metabolism naturally speeds up.

A speedy metabolism does what? BURNS FAT.

Researchers at Boston University proved that lifting weights (adding muscle) is just as effective, if not more so, than running for losing weight. <— This is why I stress all the time the importance for picking up a weight (or kettlebell) to really transform your body. I love running as much as the next person, but I don’t credit running for my size.

Kettlebells, baby! And what I am getting ready to share with you today.

Transforming your entire body with one training method

What if I told you that the butt of Kim Kardashian doesn’t have to be the result of squat after squat after squat? I for one, get squatted out from time to time.

What if I told you that the abs of Jessica Biel doesn’t have to include doing 5 minute planks?

I mean, both of these training moves can lead to results, but it’s much more effective to do one thing that delivers both…


I don’t know why I haven’t discussed this before.

When Dan and I were in California and hiking in the woods, I kept making the comment that if we lived someplace like this I would have the body of a celebrity.

When we were racing our last trail race, working to crawl run up the mountain, I couldn’t ignore the burning in my glutes and the fatigue in my abs.


Hill sprints…

Hills Sprints: weight lifting plus cardio

I once read an article that explained the incline of a hill being the optimal force vs. velocity vector for the body.

I know, I know…

“Taylor, what the hell are you talking about?”

Try to throw a bowling ball… it won’t go far right? You’re not able to place enough force on the heavy ball to create enough velocity to make it travel. The same is true for a whiffle ball. Except instead of being too heavy, it’s lightness holds it back.

But think baseball… it’s proportions are perfect.

That’s the hill compared to your body.

It’s the perfect combination where your body can put in the perfect amount of force to get a velocity that is challenging enough to induce muscle building and cardio output

In one word: it’s efficient.

It’s also safe

No matter how hard you try, you can’t reach your maximum speed.

It’s impossible.

But that’s a good thing because hills actually protect your hamstrings. While at the same time, putting the posterior-chain muscles, low back, glutes, gastrocs, into action… BUILDING THE BUTT!

Hill Sprints: the power of intervals


Then you have this…

Sprinting is a short lived activity…

You can’t possible keep a sprint going for a long period of time. And chances are you can’t keep a hill run going for miles and miles either. If you can, you’re my hero.

High Intensity Intervals are magical.

Did you know that 2 hours of intervals are equivalent to 10 hours of steady state cardio in terms of the amount of calories you can burn? It’s true.

Talk about efficient.

I don’t know about you, but I would much rather workout for 20 minute sessions, than 60 minute sessions.

Plus, that’s about as long as I can last for a hill workout any ways.

Then there is this…

A 60 minute cardio session is purely aerobic. You’re working one type of muscle fiber, and one form of energy expenditure…. It’s aerobic.

Interval sprints are an all-in-one fitness experience, using both anaerobic and aerobic pathways for energy. AND working both fast twitch and slow twitch muscles…

Hill sprits allow you to build muscle, increase endurance, improve speed, and improve overall fitness.


Want more on intervals?

Hill Sprints: Your abs on sprints

So by now you probably see how hills can help to develop a Kardashian ass… but you might be wondering, what about abs?

Aside from burning fat, how will running sprints help to strengthen my core?

Have you ever run sprints?

Just one FULL out sprint workout will have you waking up the next morning and saying “Oh, I see.” Add in a hill, and the effect is twice as strong.

What’s happening? To generate power and acceleration, the obliques, transverse abs and rectus abdominals are all forcefully contracted.

It’s like doing all directional ab moves at once. And with each pump of your arms, the contraction only get stronger.

Trust me, you’ll have an ab workout that planks simply can’t provide.

Don’t believe me? Try this hill treadmill workout and let me know how you feel the next day.

Hill Sprints: rolling hill workout


Need some help on hill running form? Take it from a pro…

My friend Lindsay’s husband is a triathlete, and has some great tips on hill running!

Form Friday: Tips On Building Strength With Hill Running

Do you ever train on an include? Lover or Hater?


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