This Girl Is Not On Fire: 3 Workouts Will Tire You Out

I hope you are having a great weekend! I have to say, I am getting pretty confused here. I’m used to up and down weather here in Charleston, but seriously: 70 one day and the next potential snow flurries? WTH? If you’re in the North East getting TONS of snow, my thoughts are with you!

Oh well, to take my mind off our cold, I thought I would share with you a pretty embarrassing breakdown.

On Thursday night, I walked in from teaching boot camp at 9:00 pm and was greeted with a bear hug from Dan.

Poor guy didn’t know what he had coming.

I’m So Excited… I’m So Tired!

As soon as his arms wrapped around me, I started crying. Like mini alligator tears. Yes, I am an emotional girl but seriously?

Of course he immediately asked what was wrong… Was I hurt? Did something happen at boot camp?

My response:

“I’m just so physically tired, I can barely stand.”

Of course now looking back, it makes me laugh because I am sure it looked like a scene from Saved By The Bell… when Jesse had her break down! Please tell me you know what I’m talking about!?


So why the heck was I so exhausted? Because I worked my butt off… literally.

I did 3 workouts… yup, not one… not twothree. And I learned my lesson!

Thursday early afternoon I headed to the gym to film the weekly workout for Fit Womens Weekly. It was a killer! I was dripping sweat, my legs were shaking, my arms were shaking, and I felt on fire!

I guess you can say at this point: “This girl is on fire!”. It was awesome.

Thursdays are normally a nice slow 5-6miler day so I laced up my running shoes and put in my miles before boot camp. I ended up really pushing myself the last 2 miles, so I really wouldn’t call it slow, but it was great!


At the end of the run, I was no longer on fire but I was “This girl is sizzling”.

And then it happened…

For Valentine’s Day I thought it would be a fun workout to do a paired “Cupids Couple Workout” with my girls for boot camp. Each person was to partner and complete the workout together… except there was an uneven number and no way to make it work with a team of 3.

valentines workout boot camp

So, once again it was workout time.

I didn’t want to let me partner down (of course) so I gave the workout everything I had as if I had not just worked out 2 times already. We completed it and had a great time but I was officially dead: “This girl is on ice”.

Let’s combine it all and see what we get:

6 Mile Run

250 Jumping jacks

275 Squats

150 Leg raises

100 Push-ups

70 Plank up-downs

50 Burpees

45 DB Cherry pickers (Russian Twists)

45 DB Chops

Overhead weight hold

Plank work

Speed work x 6

Ugh… okay, I think that’s it! Doing such a workout filled day made me admire professional athletes even more! I don’t know how they spend the better part of a work Guess how I spend Friday and Saturday!? Sore as all hell.

Weekend Wrap Up

Granted I love being a bit sore from a workout but I clearly over did it and my body let me know.

Friday I did nothing! I didn’t even feel like mopping my floor. So I had drinks with friends instead to celebrate my BF turning 2-9!

amber birthday

Happy Birthday Amber! 


Saturday morning, my legs were still a bit tight so I decided a run with Katie would do me good. I was right and at the end I felt so much better all over!

Seeing this adorable face probably didn’t hurt either!

boxer  puppy

Katie and her husband just adding Norman to the family, how freaking cute is he!? And with a name like “Norman” I love pretending what his little voice would sound like. Anyone else do that?

The rest of the weekend was spent blogging and enjoying a nice belated Valentine’s Day dinner with the hubs! Dan hasn’t cooked a dinner for me in over 6 years (crazy!) so it was so much  fun seeing him get creative in the kitchen.

Okay, so it might not look so pretty but it tasted A-Ma-Zing!

vegan valentines day

Tempeh with sautéed mushrooms and onions with a balsamic glaze; brussels sprouts and kale pan roasted; and okra fries with mustard dipping sauce. And a glass of Sauvignon Blanc!

And now I am getting ready to do some video editing and some fun tax stuff! Happy Sunday!

Have you ever done more than 1 workout in a day? How did you feel after?
What was your favorite thing about the weekend?


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