Most of the weight loss and body sculpting advice is pretty much the same. I know I get caught in the trap of writing articles that cover the same topic but from another perspective.

I also belong to many of the bigger newsletters on the Internet. Many of them will cover small studies just to have something to talk about. But it’s the bigger picture things that you can easily do that help, not that small stuff that is isolated so much.

Even if these bigger picture things are small. Like in this case, I have three things which can help you so much to lose weight and adopt a fitness lifestyle.

Plus they can even be a lot of fun.

1. Portion Size

Portion Control

This is never mentioned as much as I would think. I talk about the fastest way to lose actual pounds and inches by giving up your fulcrum foods and drinks. While that is true and I’ve seen it happen to clients of mind, portion size can be more effective.

It’s a little harder to do, but if you can cut your portion size at each meal, you’ll lean out really fast.

A word of caution though. When you learn about portion size, you’ll be a little taken back by how small somethings can be. That is why having a good meal plan with the proper calorie dense foods makes a difference.

There are many different rules and here is YouTube video I created talking about portion size and how you can easily measure it.

Video Coming Soon

2. Write About It

If you have been reading on the blog for very long, you know I am a huge fan of tracking. When you write things down, you know exactly what is going on. What you track improves.

But in this case I am not really talking about tracking. I am talking about just straight up journalling. Get your feelings and your thoughts out on the page. It helps incredibly well… better than talking to other people.

When you do this, you’ll have a much better chance of getting emotional control over your thoughts on your body and what you’re doing. When you’re talking to yourself, you’ll be a lot more likely to be honest.

For example, if you are doing a fad diet or program, you’ll be able to admit to yourself that it’s probably not going to work. You inherently know what is based on solid fundamentals and what is hype. It’s not a secret.

Journaling can also help you feel better about the progress you made. There are so many social pressures that can make us feel unfulfilled about what we’ve accomplished. However, when you’re just writing to yourself, you can admit that you’re happy with where you’ve come. You can use that to motivate you further as well.

3. Get An Idol

Get Inspiration

I don’t want to be your idol… but I would love to be an inspiration to you! 🙂

Remember as a kid, you probably had an idol. Somebody you really looked up to. An athlete or a person that did incredible things and through those achievements, they pushed you to accomplish more.

Why do we lose that as an adult? It can be a great way to increase motivation and purpose.

It even works when they are younger than you.

This can also work in reverse… maybe rather than an idol, you may need an enemy.

Having somebody that is your rival can push you to work harder or be more disciplined. Think about all the great people in history that had a rival that pushed them. If it was not for that rival, they would not have been able to find the extra energy to succeed more.

You can do both or just one of these two. Just find a woman that inspires you. It doesn’t have to be for their sporting ability, it might just be for their determination and no quite attitude. Maybe there is somebody that is always an underdog, but they never back down or show any reserve.

These are small qualities that we need to get back as adults. It will definitely make you more successful. Plus you’ll enjoy the process of being healthy.