Today I Give Thanks To YOU

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

While it’s important to be thankful year round, let’s face it… life get’s busy, things get taken for granted and we’re human. We don’t say Thank You or I love you nearly enough.

At least I don’t.

Having a special day like today helps to put things into perspective and recognize all the amazing blessings in our lives. To sit back and say, yes, I do have a great life.

Life could be a lot worst, and no matter where we are in it, we all have a list a mile long of things to be grateful for.

Today, I am thankful for you.

And because I love lists, especially on Thursdays, let me explain why I am so thankful for you.

5 Reasons I’m Thankful For You

1 – You let me be me.

You give me an outlet to say what I want and need to say. This blog is so much more to me than just a way to write about health and fitness. It’s my way of staying sane, and I am extremely grateful that you allow me to say what I want to say and yet keep coming back! Sometimes I rant about posting on Facebook, sometimes I share my life and other times I just write what’s on my mind. Every once in a while, pressing that “Publish” button is hard (like for this one), but if I didn’t then I wouldn’t be 100% me.

2 – You motivate and keep me accountable.

I love challenges, but I don’t have the best history of starting and finishing one 100%. But because of you, knowing that I have revealed my goals and challenges here, helps me to keep going. When there are days I don’t want to workout or I want to eat a box of cookies, I remember you and I do what I need to do.

3 – You’re as crazy as I am.

I don’t know if I mentioned it but on Sunday alone, over 100 amazing readers signed up for the Holiday Squat Challenge, since then that number has only grown. It feels wonderful to be surrounded (online) by so many like-minded fitness friends. By the way… don’t forget your squats today! 🙂

I know I talk about my fitness partners (Jeanette, Katie, Amy, and Dan) but you’re one of them too! I love sharing a workout and hearing how much you loved (or didn’t love it).

I get peace of mind knowing that while I am working out, there is a good chance you are as well.

4 – You don’t sugar coat anything.

When I post something that you don’t agree with you let me know. When I post something you love, you let me know. It’s honesty that we all need more of in our sugar-coated world. Life is about having opinions and this is a place I am glad you have found to be able to share yours (in a respectful way of course).

5 – You give me purpose.

I feel so blessed, every single day. I can’t tell you how many times I say out loud: “wow, I’m so lucky to do what I love.”


After having jobs that provided money yet no feeling of purpose, it’s great to be in the position to create the life I’ve wanted/needed. It’s because of you, your support, and your loyalty that I have the strength to keep building a brand and a business. It would be easy to walk away when things got tough (which they do) but what would I get out of it? Nothing. So thank you for your continued support.

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours. 

What’s one thing your thankful for? 

Are you going to be decorating for the holidays this weekend? 

PS – Thank you for letting me be sappy today. On such a holiday, it’s inevitable.


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