Top 10 Thursday: Holiday Wish List For The Fitness Fanatic

Oh Thursday, I missed you! Thanksgiving threw me off last week, not that I am complaining about the mid week day off!

Now that the holidays are in full swing, at least in the Boyle house I think it’s only appropriate what I tell Santa what I would love this year on Christmas morning.
I think I’ve been a good girl!

Dan has already given me my present (my new computer after the other basically crashed) but I am hoping this list finds its way to the North Pole… or at least to my parents’ house?

I don’t often buy myself things so it was actually pretty easy putting this wish-list together. So easy in fact, that I decided this is the fitness edition and next week will be the food/kitchen edition. What can I say, I am a woman that knows what she wants.

If you’re trying to decide what to get the fitness fanatic in your life, perhaps these will give you some ideas!

holiday wish list for fitness fanatics

(These are not in any particular order)

Compression Socks. 

I would love these during long runs,  to help with recovery from workouts and of course to keep my legs warm. Plus, they are quite stylish! This particular brand is from PRO Compression.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 9s.

Yup, it’s time for a new pair. And I really don’t want to have to buy them right now during the holidays (running shoes aren’t cheap). So Santa, please leave these Wave Inspires (size 7s) under our tree. Thanks!

I-pod Nano.

ipod nano

Because I am tired of keeping my I-phone in my sports bra as I run!  It weighs me down and there is nothing more amusing then trying to recover after it falls down my shirt all together. I have an actual iPod but if you can believe it, it’s the old mini… like circa 2004! It’s time for an upgrade and the nano will do just fine. I love the green one!

Lululemon Pants. 

Some girls love expensive going out clothes, I love expensive workout attire (though I rarely buy it). These Lululemon Studio pants need to find their way into my life. I love that they aren’t tight but they still have shape and help your butt look amazing. I see myself saving up for these myself.


Dan and I have had our eyes on these  Fat Gripz forever to help with our lifting! It’s not that they are expensive, we just only think about them while working out and then forget about once we get home. I might have a really good feeling about these ending up at our house, according to a little elf.

Weight Lifting Gloves.

More of weight lifting tools. I used to wear gloves all the time and then I just stopped. Now that pair is gross and I have realized I am tired of having callused hands. It’s time to step up my weight training game and gloves would help out a lot!

Workout Sunglasses.

I need a pair of athletic sunglasses SOOOOOO bad! I love my Coach glasses, but they aren’t all too great for running and doing outdoor intervals. 90% of the time, I leave them inside or in the car and just squint during workouts. I have been eyeing a good pair of sunglasses actually designed to handle the activity for quite some time now.

I like this pair of Suncloud Hook glasses, but I am still take recommendations. And at just $50, they aren’t crazy expensive.

Vega Protein.

Oh protein, why must vegan protein be so expensive? We buy whey for Dan and I just don’t want to have to buy a second protein for me, so I go with. But that doesn’t mean I want to do without! I have had my eye on Vega for quite a while.

If it’s out of the budget for Saint Nick, I’ll gladly take the Sunwarrior protein in it’s place!

Weighted Jump Rope. 

I love my weighted jump rope but it’s been dropped a few too many times. The caps that hold the 1-lb weights in keep coming off and the rubber string is starting to get worn. It’s just time for a new cardio companion. This is the same one I have now, I love it! Just from the sporting goods store down the road.

Thumb Hole Jacket Top. 

I am ALWAYS cold and with some of my boot camps outside, I am trying to add a few warm-up pieces to my collection. I have had my eye on this Lululemon Forme Jacket for a long time and love how it not only looks awesome but will help keep me comfortable!

So there you have it, my personal wish-list for the holidays. I think I have given Santa enough to go on! And hopefully this helps  you too.

  • What do you want for Christmas? 
  • What is at the top of your fitness wish list?


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