I’ve said many times that losing weight is easy. I promise it really is.

It’s the small things you have to do which let weight fall off that are hard to do at first. Take for example tracking your nutrition. It’s so important to know what you eat and when you eat it. I can’t express enough how much will be revealed to you about you when you do this.

Lately I’ve also been experimenting with tracking my time throughout the day. I approached this exercise as a way to become more productive and get more done so I could either:

  • Just get more done during the day
  • Or create some time to relax

It’s a hard habit to do, but I’m learning a lot about how I work and how bad I am at working sometimes. It’s crazy how many small things get in my way and interrupt my flow.

Here’s How I’m Tracking My Time And How You Can Too

Toggl Web Service

I use a service called Toggl.com. It’s free for the first 30 days. I don’t plan on paying for the service. I am using those first 30 days to observe where my time is going and is it being used properly.

After I learn this, I can then use just a regular old timer to create chunks of focused time. I’ll explain that in a different article because it can work really well.

Toggl.com let’s you type in what you’re working on and then it will start a timer. You keep going and then you stop the timer when you finish or when you switch tasks. I not only track my work time, but I track my free time too. It’s pretty interesting to see how long I tend to work in different chunks.

Here’s What I’m Learning About My Time

I’ve learned that most of my chunks are spend around the 40 minute time period before I start to lose concentration. This is really good information to know. Depending on the task, I can go well beyond that, but not always.

I’ve also learned that there are lots of distractions which I can’t control but I have to deal with and get back on task quickly.

  • Our cat is quite the distraction sometimes as she tries to get into everything and anything.
  • Kids will be a distraction, but if you know how they spend their time, you can build around that.
  • Email and phone calls can be a distraction but they can be ignored too.
  • A bathroom break can be just enough of a distraction to divert your flow.

These are small examples where an interruption in your flow is broken. That is all that’s needed to take you off task. When this happens be honest about it and track it.

Another thing I learned is I don’t always track my time when I should. I get “busy” and forget to do it. But it only takes about 30 seconds to start tracking so that is just an excuse I’ve created for my little failure.

How Can Tracking Your Time Help You?

It can really help you learn your day. You’ll see when you’re really productive and when things tend to get scattered during your normal day.

If you’re super productive in the morning then get all the really important must do things finished then. When the day is beginning to get scattered, that can be a great time to workout.

Exercising will focus your mind and de-stress your body. That can bring back a focused energy to your day.

You will also learn more about when you eat and it can make tracking your nutrition easy too. You’ll spot times when you have time to cook or prepare food in bulk. Small observations like that are all that’s needed to make weight loss automatic and easy.

Try It… Track Your Time!

Next year there will definitely be a 30 day challenge of tracking time. What you learn is really helpful and reveals truths about you that you may not have been aware of before. That can be good, but it can be also a hard pill to swallow.

Try it. See what happens. I promise it will not be a waste of time.