Unhealthy Confessions From Healthy Living Bloggers

Remember when I used to confessions of a personal trainer?

I loved doing those! I would still do them however I feel as if I have revealed all of my confessions. As a trainer, I have nothing else to reveal. You know me inside and out.

But I’ve been craving a confessions post, so instead of sharing just my little confessions, I thought I would share the confessions of several of my fellow healthy living blogger’s confessions.

Some of these ladies are trainers, some dietitians, all have a passion for a healthy life filled with fitness and real food, and none are perfect.

I had the best time reading their confessions and I hope you do as well!

Unhealthy Confessions From Health Bloggers

Unhealthy Confessions Of Healthy Living Bloggers

Unhealthy Confessions Of Healthy Bloggers

“Sometimes I go to Whole Foods and the only thing I buy is a piece of vegan vanilla cake… and that’s my lunch!”

-Amanda at RunToTheFinish

“I eat Cherrios for at least one meal pretty much every day!”

-Lindsay at TheLeanGreenBean

“I have lots… I drink beer VERY regularly. I eat pizza, delivery, once a week. There are currently 5 pints of Ben & Jerry’s in my freezer… and my husband and I WILL duke it out for the 5th one. I’m really bad at foam rolling and stretching after workouts, thought I make it a priority for my clients. And finally, I really dislike ab work… if I’m pressed on time it will get nixed.”

-Paige at YourTrainerPaige

Unhealthy Confessions

“I have lots of them! I’m a professional runner, and a runner that really needs to monitor everything that goes into my mouth. I definitely have a bowl of ice cream with sprinkles and chocolate chips most nights (and it might be more than a single serving). When I get froyo, it’s not really froyo but a bowl of candy with a little frozen yogurt on top to help wash it down. When it comes to fitness, I’m supposed to do breathing exercises every day, ha… I’m lucky if I do them once a week!”

-Tina Muir at TinaMuir

“I am a fitness instructor who’s sick of the intense hard-core fitness hype. There, I said it. Also, dinner is usually my biggest meal, which we eat late, like after 9pm and with carbs!”

-Lindsay at CotterCrunch <– Yesterday was her birthday! Go say Happy Birthday 🙂

“Nutrition is mentally hard for me. I love wine, cocktails and beer. I love food and would really prefer not to track. I forget (how convenient) to stretch/foam roll, oh, and I 80% of the time I don’t drink enough water.”

-Heather at Fitaspire


“Sometimes dinner is chips and guacamole! I’ve been known to skip strength training just to log more miles when I’m tight on time… which is a lot.”

-Angela at HappyFitMama

“I eat frozen pizza for dinner almost every Friday. If I have to choose between strength and cardio workouts, strength wins every time. I count walking my dog as a workout way too often. I prefer sugar in my coffee… always.”

-Erin at TheAlmondEater


“I hate hate HATE it in theory, but I still choose sugar-free options to safe calories because I’m scarred from too many years of calorie counting. Cheese is one of my primary food groups as is wine. Oh, and bourbon. Sometimes I just can’t resist parmesan truffle fries.”

-Ariana at ArisMenu

“I love my wine! A lot. I eat in front of the tv and enjoy dessert pretty much every night. And we’re not talking just fruit. Dining out at gourmet restaurants if my favorite pastime!”

-Jessica at Nutritioulicious

What Have We Learned?

That being healthy isn’t about being perfect… that being unhealthy is sometimes actually healthy! 

All of these ladies are women that I admire and look up to. They simply verify that to be healthy means moderation…

Wine, pizza, ice cream… it’s not something that has to be banned from our lives!

We all have our little hang ups and areas in our fitness that we should do better at, yet at the end of the day, we don’t.

Like many of the bloggers above, I suck at stretching. My calves are tight, my ankles often sore and my back a constant reminder that I need to grab the SuperNova. Yet I don’t.

Would I be better if I did? Yes! Yet, I continue to keep trucking along without it. I’m sure it will bite me in the butt one day.

A few confessions…

I said I was clean out of confessions, but…

  • I found a piece of dark chocolate in the freezer the other day (okay, 2 pieces) and didn’t tell Dan. I ate the both and they were amazing.
  • Sometimes before I get out of bed, I look at my stomach to see how flat it looks. I then wish it would look like that when I was standing. It never does.
  • Since the Spartan Race, the farthest I have run is 5.5 miles. With a 10 mile race just around the corner, I’m a lot more laid back than I should be.”

I have a feeling I could keep coming up with confessions, but I want to hear yours!

What health confession would you like to share?


  • Rebecca P.

    As long as you feel good and you’re happy LIVING and you are YOUR definition of healthy, that’s all you need to worry about!

  • let’s not forget my daily wine intake. I mean antioxidants. 😉

  • Khushboo Thadani

    LOVE this- healthy is so individual and sometimes, the healthiest thing you can do for you mind might not be healthy for your body but hey, there’s always room for balance!!

    • Thanks! Yes, what a great way to explain it!

  • Which 10 mile race are you running? Good luck with it (btw I don’t blame you for not running long, it is very hard out there right now with the heat).

    Anytime I find chocolate, or food like that, I eat it and don’t tell Clay. I sure wouldn’t expect him to tell me and let me eat it, haha. Most all of these confessions apply to me. I do love my gelato which I have probably 4 nights a week, and those pints aren’t *really* 4 servings ;).

    • I’m running a race up at Table Rock, SC! We’re pretty excited. And no, those pints definitely are not 4 servings! lol

  • Absolutely love this!!! Thanks so much to all you ladies for sharing your “unhealthy” confessions. Unhealthy in quotes because it truly is healthy to just LIVE.

  • Heather Balogh

    Oh man, mine is definitely my eating! I love wine and definitely have a glass on most evenings. And baking cupcakes is one of my life’s pleasures; no way I would ever give it up!

  • steph

    candy corn…enough said

  • Fun! My daily not so good habit is eating a spoonful of almond butter with mini chocolate chips. Just can’t help myself!

  • Gianna Alvino

    This whole post made me smile! I always say I will do a short run and then lift but usually I just run for the full hour because I love it; so strength workouts are in front of the tv if anything lately. I also “bank” calories for later in the day so I can snack (err drink wine/beer) while I watch TV.

  • This post is so great. Sometimes with blogging, teaching classes, social media, everyone looks perfect but you have to remember everyone is human! I agree with lots of these. I like delivery pizza and eat out at least 2x a week. I also love my cocktails and suck at stretching. I’d rather do an easy run than an intense class or strength workout many days!

  • Jr

    Freezing office=lots of scarf wearing. Sometimes in the afternoon I’ll glance down and notice that a piece of my lunch missed (or fell out of…whatever) my mouth and is stuck to my scarf. I will then eat that piece of food. No shame. My boyfriend and I joke that my scarves are actually just feedbags (like what horses wear).

    • bahaha, that would totally be me. I would just say I was saving a snack for later!

  • This is just the best! Thanks for sharing this, I feel like everyone of those women just won like a billion brownie points in my book. I am so guilty of not stretching, choosing strenght over cardio almost all the time and not being too good on drinking water. Oh and I defintately wouldn’t tell Dave if I found chocolate in the fridge, heck no that’s all mine!!

    • Thanks! Yes those ladies all rock and help us realize we’re all normal! Lack of stretching and all!

  • Sheena

    Gawd my whole life is an unhealthy confession, hahahaha! Like you I sometimes find treats and don’t tell Alex then just eat it all myself >< I like beer too, and since I've been giving myself a break and focusing on mindful eating instead of berating myself for restrictive eating I've drank more beer in the past two weeks than I had since the new year! (Does it make it better that I've been drinking Lift which is made with coconut water?)

    • You always crack me up. I wish you were closer to come on our next women’s retreat! We would have so much fun together!

      • Sheena

        Hopefully I’ll get to one soon!

  • BarrAndTable

    If I could eat oatmeal and roasted veggies with nut butter all day, everyday, I totally would. My biggest confession, however, is that I don’t ever give myself a break. I make sure to take 1 full rest day per week but I definitely beat my body up and should probably take a full week off of any workouts aside from training my clients. But my brain just won’t let me.

    • Careful lady, as someone that can relate 100%, it comes back to bite you in the butt. Rest, listen to that body of yours and respect it. It sucks to overdue things, like really sucks!

  • Alisa Fleming

    I’m with Angela – sometimes I just don’t feel like making a real dinner!

  • Michelle Homan

    I love this! I ate a bagel with cream cheese this week and immediately felt horrible about myself! Then I proceeded to laugh at myself–really?! I’m allowed to eat a bagel every once in a while!

  • Kelly B

    Loooove this! I can relate to almost all of them! As a fitness instructor, I try to always put my most healthy face forward to my students but, hey, we’re all human…and wine, beer, and carbs are part of life! 😉

    • Yes we are, and beer, wine and carbs are all wonderful things humans get to enjoy!

  • Heather

    I will never, never give up my afternoon cup of coffee despite the fact that I know it messes with my ability to go to sleep at a decent hour. Also, I love chocolate and can almost never stop at one piece.

    • haha, who can stop at one piece of chocolate? that’s like stopping at one Pringle. Not possible!

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  • I love this!! (As sit here and eat popcorn and say I’m going to stop nighttime snacking… whoops). Makes me feel human!

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  • Anna

    This makes me feel 10000000 times better about all the wine, beer and chocolate I consume. Like, daily. Usually more than 1 drink and a little nibble of chocolate too. As I train for half marathons and attempt to get stronger…. now I know its all OK!

  • My favorite post I have read all day! I am really good at eating and eat a whole pizza pie in one sitting. I love wine. I love cake. I love to eat. And carbs are a must for me at night.

    • Oh man, I could really go for a slice, or two or three of pizza right now! Yum!

  • Amber Finlay

    So many of these apply to me – I have a major sweet tooth. I’m totally guilty of picking up a slice of cake from the bakery at the grocery store and enjoying it as my weekend treat. Who needs a birthday party for cake? 😉

    • You need no reason for a cake! I would do the same!

  • Renee

    I had ice cream for lunch today…there I said it!

  • Katy Kreider

    First time reading your blog and I love it. I will save this link to read it whenever I’m beating myself up over an ice cream cone. Thank you so much for posting. This really helped me.

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