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Well, hello there. Fancy seeing you here. I’m sorry for MIA… kind of.

It’s currently a frigid Friday morning (Happy St. Patrick’s Day) and feels perfect for a coffee date. So pour a cup of joe (or whatever you fancy) and let’s chat.

Life, like for everyone, has been busy up in our house! New projects, goals, work, life and priorities have been popping up over the past few months.

I don’t see that chaos slowing down anytime soon, and I don’t want it to. I’ve finally come to the realization that life is supposed to be busy and stressful. Each time one thing calms down, another pops up. And that’s okay, it makes life exciting and keeps us growing as people.

But with the changes that have developed, this blog has slowed down. But I’m not really upset about it. In fact, I’m quite relieved. I feel like I finally have a clear idea of what Lifting Revolution is to me… it’s my personal notebook, my personal space.

I used to become very anxious about having posts up. Now, if I have something to share… I share it. If I don’t, I move on with my to-do list to help grow my businesses.

It’s so refreshing! I know many of you understand those feelings!

If you haven’t already…

Make sure to check out Fit Women’s Weekly. The blog there has been rocking with awesome information! Dan and I post regularly! Kettlebell exercises, workout tips, and more. Come hang out with us ­čÖé

Also, I’ve also started to use Instagram for a “blog” space on a daily basis. Sharing my goals, progress, frustrations, and of course daily workouts!

Will I stop writing here?


I <3 this space and the comfort I get from being able to word vomit on a page.

I love everyone that comes to read and connect and I have no intentions of stopping cold turkey. But it will be more sporadic and more personal. When I get something “real” to share, I’ll share it! And I hope you continue to hang.

Okay, so that’s off my chest. Let’s catch up!

Random Ramblings!


Have you tried the brand “The Chestee” sports bra? They look super cute. I want to try one but would love some feedback first! How cute is this white one? I’ve love the idea of a white bra, but want to make sure it’s not see through.

No nip peaks please! lol


So last week I filled you in on why I’m doing the Crossfit Open workouts.

And I guessed that bar work would be in 17.3. Whelp, I was right. Alex texted me as soon as we saw the workout and said…

“Guess we’re out of this one.” Oh no, my friend. I don’t accept defeat easily. Instead, we tweaked the workout to work for us.

Since we don’t do barbell snatches, we changed it to kettlebell snatches. Since we don’t kip for our pull-ups, we did regular. And since regular takes a hell of a lot longer, we wrote the workout up and took of the time cap. Instead we spent about 40 minutes going through the entire thing.

We made a few tweaks along the way, but over all it was tough. 

It wasn’t so much our muscles that suffered, as much our hands. My poor hands… so gross. But we both got up to snatches with the 53-lb kettlebell! So that’s a plus!!

FWW Podcast Ep 106

A new episode of the podcast came out on Wednesday. Did you listen in yet? In this episode (how have I done 106 episodes?) I share trainer realisms.

In the past, I would have called these confessions. But that suggests I am doing something wrong. And really, I’m just being… real!

So listen in and find out pet peeves, the real reason I workout without a shirt on, why muscle ups are really cramping my style (will I EVER get them!?) and more!

As for the weekend… tonight Dan and I are heading to one of the studios to do some DIY floor work and plan some paint projects! Then home to enjoy some cabbage and roast for dinner.

Happy St Patricks Day to ya! 

What’s been going on in life?
Have you tried the Chestee? What’s your favorite sport’s bra?
Any St Patty’s day plans?


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