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Workouts require energy. Energy to make it through the workout and energy to help assist with recovery. I’ve been playing around in the kitchen for quite some time now trying to come up with the perfect combination of nutrients to help both.

It had to be good for you but also had to taste great. Because the real inspiration was trying to find fuel for my long runs, something I could chow down on midway through. If it taste bad, then it’s not going to settle well.

Just Out Of The Oven:

Lightly Covered With 72% Dark Chocolate: 

Packaged & Ready To Go: 

These turtle bites came out perfect. They’re vegan (I will add I am a honey eating vegan), they’re loaded with protein, healthy carbs and everything you  need for exercise pre and post fuel.

I’ve shared the recipe before but so many of you said:

Looks Great, can you make it for me?

Well, now I offering to do just that. But only for a limited amount… 5 orders/week.

Nutritional Information:

Order Info: 

  • Each order is made of a dozen bites.
  • All order will be shipped out on Tuesday, August 27th, 2013
  • $8.00 for each order

How To Order:

Order by clicking the “Buy Now” Button below. Once the 5 orders are sold out, you’ll be directed to a “out of stock” page. New orders will be taken each week.