Walk Down Food Lane: Picture Tour

Good morning! Happy Saturday. I am getting ready to head out for my running group but I couldn’t walk out and start my day without first starting it with you.

I realized yesterday afternoon that it had been quite a while since I imported pictures from my Lytro camera. So of course, I immediately plugged her up to see what little treasures I had forgotten about.

There were lots of pictures that I have been meaning to share but just didn’t. Call it lazy. Call it forgetful. Call it everytime I thought I would use them, I had a better blog post idea. Whatever you want to call it, I say it’s never too late.

I don’t often use the Lytro embedding codes because I like to be able to resize my photos and sometimes it can slow down the speed of the page. But fingers crossed this goes smoothly because some of these image are Lytro worthy.

Lytro worthy? Meaning that you can click on the image at different spots and see the image focus all over the place.

Pretty cool!


I recently made granola bars for a bake sale benefiting Hurricane Sandy victims. I gotta say, they turned out pretty good! I was happy to be apart of the event.


First attempt at vegan chickpea chocolate chip cookies. They looked great, the texture was great but something was missing on the taste. Second attempt was much better… but instead of cookies, I turned them into vegan chocolate chip cookie dough balls.


We had vegan calzones this week for dinner. I was a bit nervous about how the dough would turn out but it was awesome. I used flax meal, oat flour, and semolina with some herbs and garlic and a bit of water. The calzone was stuffed with kale, tempeh, tomatoes, broccoli, garlic, and capers with pizza sauce. It was so good! The picture makes it look really dry, but it wasn’t at all.


And last but not least, this was dinner Thursday night. I didn’t get home until 9 but I really wanted to try a new meatloaf recipe I had in my head. So instead of making 1 big vegan meatloaf, I made mini muffin vegan meat loafs. They turned out really well, dan was quite impressed! Kidney beans, onions, oats, bell pepper, garlic and a flax egg brought it all together. Served with roasted okra and sweet potatoes.

And that concludes the walk to food lane!

Have fun! Enjoy your Saturday. After running, we have plans to go watch the Clemson football game. It will be great to hang out with friends, but I won’t lie all I have is Twilight on the brain and I am trying to figure out exactly when we’ll be able to go see it!


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