Warm It Up By Working It Out Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! I am feeling so much better today, thanks for your get well wishes! I think I have beaten this stomach bug and I am ready to get back to living life.

Plus, I don’t really want to have to eat ANOTHER bowl of soup.

sick soups

Ginger Pepper With Rice Noodles On The Left and Classic Tomato with Avocado On The Right

I know that normally Wednesday is all about Ask Away, but I had to share this workout with you… today.

This is the workout I’ll be doing, with my boot campers. I might not be able to give it 100% but I do want to give it what I got. Hopefully I got something 🙂

I am excited about this workout for several reasons.

One, this week started the kick off to my boot camp holiday transformation contest. This is a 12-week contest among all my boot campers to keep them motivated to end the year feeling fabulous and looking fabulous. Who likes starting a new year having to worry about how to lose the 10 pounds gained from Thanksgiving to Christmas?

Two, the workout we’re doing is the progress workout for the contest.

Every 4 weeks during the challenge, this workout will be repeated. What’s the point? To see how everyone progresses in their physical abilities. The better you do, the more points that you’ll have added to your “score” for the transformation.

While, I am not doing the challenge with my ladies, I try and participate in as much as possible to keep everyone motivated and in high competitive spirits. So that’s why I HAVE to do this workout!

Other factors that go into determining the winner include: 

  • % Weight Loss
  • % Body Fat Loss
  • Performance (above)
  • Attendance to boot camp
  • Upkeep of a nutrition diary

Bringing these factors together allows it to be fair for everyone. That’s why it’s not based solely on weight loss.

Here’s the workout, give it a go and see what you think. Share your time below.

Holiday Fat Blast Workout

Burn it off now so you don’t have to worry about sugar cookies and egg nog later!

Overview: Complete the following circuit 3-5 times as quickly as possible. Record your time. I’ll record mine once I’ve done it.
Repeat this workout ever 4 weeks with the goal to continuously decrease your time.

Give it a go! My favorite thing about workouts like this is that right now I am FREEZING at the beginning but by the end I am comfortable as a big sweaty mess.


Do you prefer to be cold or hot? 

Favorite circuit exercise?


  • Lyn

    Looks like a great workout! One question though: what do you mean by “leg raises”?

    Glad you’re feeling better!!

    • Thanks Lyn. Lay on your back (you can place your hands under your lower back if you would like) and have your legs extended out. Raise them up almost 90-degrees (more like 70) and lower them back down, almost allowing them to touch the ground but not quite.

  • With all of those reps, this workout looks like a burner! I’ll have to try this one.

    • It’s a killer for sure! Let me know how it goes.

  • Sandi Pringle

    How do you do a pike push-up? Looks like a killer.

    • It’s a killer for sure, in a good way! For pike push-ups… start with your butt in the sky, like a downward dog position, hands placed slightly wider than shoulder width. Lean forward up on your toes and bend at the arms… so that the top of your head almost touches the ground in between your hands, then push back up to start.

  • Glad you are feeling better!!
    The soups look delish even though I’m not a big soup fan…
    Love the No-extra jingle work out looks like FUN! I might have to try it tomorrow!!

    • Thanks Lina! I love your “Mom’s Butt Is On Fire” I couldn’t help but giggle.
      I am right there with you, I have to feel pretty rough to eat soup. Which is why I am happy to have solids back in my life.

  • Stacey

    Used this as my workout this morning. 5 rounds in 33 minutes… hate pike push-ups! Hard stuff and remind me of Insanity 🙂 I’ll be interested to see my time when I complete this in the afternoon/evening. My workouts are always faster on a more full tummy!

    • That’s awesome! RIght at about the same for me! Nice job.

  • Lorraine

    Hi Taylor,
    Love your blog. I know every exercise in the Jingle-Jangle workout except for the butt kicks. Can you describe them to me? Thanks!

    • Thanks Lorraine! The butt kicks are like running in place, but kicking your heels up so they tap your butt each time. Each time your heel kicks your tush, it’s a rep.

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