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Week 8??! Seriously, these past weeks have just been flying by. I hope you’ve been pushing hard during that time, because after all it is only 8 weeks and there are no excuses to forgo these awesome workouts! 🙂  

Here are the intervals from last week (since there were 4 of them). Aim to get 2-4 of them in this week! After your workout below or on 1-2 off days. For a total of 3-5 exercise days.

You can do this interval after the workout below or on off days! Up to you! CLICK THE IMAGE FOR PDF VERSION. When you click it, you will see that there are actually 4 intervals to choose from.

 Just like before, the first video explains the overall idea of the workout for that week, the second is a short run through, and the final video is the complete workout. If you want to do it along with me you can, if not just watch the run through and get going on your own.

You’ll also have a tracking sheet that shows the workout and allows you to keep tabs on how you did each workout. By the end of the week you should have done the workout 3-4 days. With improvements between the first and final days.

Printable version of the workout & tracking sheet –
Click To See The PDF: 

Week 8: Basic Outline:

Week 8: Breakdown Workout:

Fit-o-Lution Week 8 Run Through from Fit For Livin on Vimeo.

Week 8: Entire Workout:

bootcamp-8 from Fit For Livin on Vimeo.


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