No matter how much we want our weight to just continuously fall off our bodies, it won’t. You are always going to hit a plateau of some sort. For most women the sequence of events goes a little like this…

First… you start to gain strength and you actually feel really good about yourself. But the weight doesn’t fall off that fast. This usually lasts anywhere from the first two weeks to about three weeks.

Second… then your body really begins to react and your weight begins to drop pretty quickly. This assumes that you’re using the proper workouts and making at least some changes to your diet.

Third… you hit a point where your weight loss slows down and you have those dreaded last 10 to 5 pounds. Maybe more if you started losing a lot.

What happened and how can you finish off the weight loss job?

As You Lose Weight, It Gets Harder And Harder To See Results

That’s the rule for pretty much anything in life. As you get closer and closer to any goal, it typically take a lot of extra effort to achieve it.

This is really the case with weight loss and fitness. Think about it like this…

When you first started out, you were probably not very active. You had a lot of weight to lose and your body was not used to exercising or eating better. Even the smallest change to that will bring out a huge response.

However as you become fitter and fitter, you don’t have as much body fat to lose. You are already pretty strong and you’re body is getting more efficient all the time. So the same old routines will not induce the response you want.

You will have to go that extra bit to push through.

How To Go That Extra Step For Plateau Busting Power

Bump up Intensity

When you’re at a weight loss plateau you have to inspect everything you’re doing. Remember that everybody hits these moments so don’t think that you’re the only one of the program you’re following is not working. That typically is not the case, but changes might need to be made.

Here are some of these changes that can really push you over the hump:

Change 1: Look Seriously At Your Diet

Most women that I work with are not totally honest with themselves about their diet. Take a really good look at what you’re eating and even what you’re not eating.

It’s more than possible that in your lust for losing weight, you cut calories too much and you’re not eating enough. This can have an affect of body fat storage as well.

Make the hard choices. Maybe it’s alcohol like wine of beer that is holding you back. This can especially be true if you’re doing all your drinking on the weekends. Try giving it up for just two weeks to see what happens.

Again… look at your diet and be honest.

Change 2: Look Seriously At Your Workouts

Make sure you’re not doing the same workout over and over again. This is really only the case if you’ve been doing a lot of running and even a yoga type workout. You need to get that resistance training going full blast.

Make sure that you’re going intense enough. It’s possible that you’ve settled into a intensity rut. Your body is used to going at the pace you’ve been and in order to induce more change you have to go harder. You will know this if you push hard you find that you’re doing it. I’ve found that most women have a lot of reserve energy… more than they think.

Maybe you’re ready for weight training. Using more more resistance like weights can be just the solution. You’ll know you’re ready if you can do lots of pushups in really good form… if you can do a few chinups… if you can do most body weights moves in really good form and do over 10 reps at least.

Change 3: Maybe You Need To Rest

It’s very possible that need to take a break. You might be training too much and wearing your body down.

Giving your body rest will help it fully heal and recover. When you get back into training, you can really induce a new spike of results.

So how long is a good rest?

I would say at least a full week. Maybe two if you have really been going at it hard. It’s going to feel strange not exercising but it will really help you. Just make sure you don’t let your diet fall apart during this time.

You can do mild exercise but this would be more of playing around outside or going for an interval workout or two.

Bust Through Your Plateau!

Plateau Busted

I hope these tips got you started on busting through that plateau you’re stuck in. I want to say again that it’s really important that you remember these will always happen to you. It’s impossible to keep results constantly coming over each day.

This is also why it’s really good to belong to a site that have a trainer or if you have a personal trainer yourself.

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