There are lots of women that are scared of picking up a weight. Unless that weight is to do bicep curls or smaller exercises like that. It can be very intimidating to begin when you don’t have the confidence just yet.

That said, if you stick to a good body weight program, as you progress, you will soon want to see how far you can go. I’ve seen this time and time again with a lot of my clients.

For about a year they do really great with body weight programs. They get stronger, more flexible, a lot more confident and they feel great. That’s when they want to see what using weights are really like. I can almost guarantee you’ll be the same.

Here Are The Five Tests To Know You’re Ready For Weights

Test 1 – Do 10 Perfect Pushups

The Pushup Test

The pushup is a great standard for strength and stabilizing form. If you can’t do 10 pushups and keep perfect form throughout, you need to work on strength.

This only takes practice. If you work hard on your pushups, you can’t help but get stronger and a lot better at them.

Pushups will lead into doing a variety of bench presses which can really help shape your upper body into a lean tight package. So practice!

Test 2 – Do 50 straight squats with great form

The Squat Test

Another exercise test. If you can do 50 straight squats with perfect form and getting your butt just below your knee level… you pass.

This is important to test your leg strength. Your legs and all the stabilizer muscles throughout your body will be heavily used in when lifting weights. A back squat with a barbell is going to test your tooshy in a whole new way.

While you’re practicing your squats, also work on your lunges. Weighted lunges are incredibly effective.

Test 3 – You don’t mind eating more

Eating More Test

Eating more is not a bad thing. I really hate how our society has make the concept of eating such a negative thing.

It’s a simple fact that when you workout, your body needs more calories for all that energy, so it will make you hungry more often. You have to be okay with this feeling and not suppress it. If you suppress this hungry and don’t support your energy levels, you’ll fall into overtraining potentially and that is a very bad thing.

If you have made it this far, hopefully you know how to eat healthy and correctly. The rights foods will not make you fat, but support a leaner body.

So when you get hungrier, make the right choices… enjoy eating more… and enjoy burning more fat because that is exactly what will happen.

Test 4 – You can take it slowly and methodically

We always seem to be in a rush of some sort for all we do. However when it comes to exercise in general, you don’t want to rush. Taking it slowly yields faster results and safer results too.

This is especially the case with weights. As you work your way into doing squats, DB clean and presses, and more, you have to find the right weight to use. If you are exercising by yourself then use little weight and take your time increasing that weight.

It’s not a race. It’s also a good thing that women are not like men in that we need to show are dominance. However, women tend to not push themselves hard either. So keep that in mind.

Just progress slowly and methodically to avoid injury. But also remember to test yourself and strive for progression.

Test 5 – You want more from your body

Finally, you should only get into weights if you truly want more from your body.

You can have a AMAZING body with just body weight workouts and programs. But if you want to add some more shape and strength to your body, nothing beats weights.

Not all women want this so you don’t have to think you do. You’ll know because you’ll start to look in the mirror and think to yourself… “what else is possible. I have a great body, but I wonder if I can go further?”

When you think that, it might be time to try weights and see if they work for you.

I highly recommend when you start, you start with a trainer or friend to help spot. This is really important as a precaution. As you get better, which you will faster, you can begin to do a lot of weights on your own.

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