Toned Tight Feminine Body!

Toned Tight Feminine Body!

When it comes to women and proper fitness, weight training for women holds the answer to all the body dreams and confidence that women are looking for. However, there is one myth that gets in the way of many women and keeps them in the circle of zero results.

Major Myth: I’ll Get Big Like a Man

I really hate talking about this because I hear it so often and it’s ridiculous. As a women you will not get big like a man… it’s simply not possible. Let’s talk about a couple reasons that make perfect sense.

Testosterone: As a woman, your body does not produce enough testosterone to build big muscles. Women that you see who are bigger… a little more “scary ripped” unfortunately use extra hormones or steroids to produce those results. So you don’t need to worry about that.

Your Goals: Let’s just say for the sake of argument that you could gain muscle and get huge. And then let’s say that you didn’t want to get huge… well you’re still going to want to lift weights. But when you hit the body you want… change the way you workout so you maintain.

You’ll Get Small & Fat: Without weight training or some sort… or more accurate I’d say resistance training… you will lose lean muscle mass and force your body to more aggressively store fat.

I hope that if you have any reservation of weight training that you don’t anymore.

So Let’s Talk About Successful Weight Training for Women

First thing that may or may not be surprising to you is that weight training for women is not really any different than weight training for men.

It’s because weight training at a fundamental level all you’re doing is forcing your body to build new muscle fiber. When you build new muscle fiber you force your body to naturally burn more calories… that’s your metabolism.

So when you control you diet (which we’ll get to in just a minute) you can force your body to get the extra calories it needs from the body fat that you currently store.

Let’s take a quick look (simplistic look) at this cycle…

1. You eat food and if you eat too many calories then your body will store those extra calories in the form of body fat. So if you don’t control your diet… you can become very fat very quickly.

2. When you use a proper and balance weight training program, you build that new muscle which needs more and more calories to stay alive. Did you know that each extra pound of muscle requires 50 calories a day to stay alive.

3. Now if you control your diet and initially eat a few hundred fewer calories than you need… your new muscle – which still needs those calories – will begin to tap into your body fat for them and eat your body fat.

So if you work this cycle correctly, you get thinner very quickly… but not just that… you build a tight, firm, curvy, feminine body that is true and beautiful.

The Major Keys Are Proper Fitness & Proper Diet

We’ll save diet for another article, but it’s ridiculously important in getting the results you’re going for. But let’s go into what it takes to have a proper weight training program.

1. Balanced for Uniform Results

The unfortunate view of weight training is based on the bodybuilders theory of split routines. Why? I wish I could tell you because you simply do not have to do that to get the results you want… and in fact… split routines could cause more trouble than any good. Not to mention that split routines cause you to workout 4 to 5 to even 6 times a week… let’s get real… you have a life to worry about too.

A proper weight training program for women should be based on full body, large muscle exercises. The sections of the body that I normally group these as is… upper back, shoulders, chest, core, hip complex, glutes and hamstrings.

When you do full body exercises, you work a great majority of muscles… and that allows you to burn more calories… and build new muscle fiber. You already know why that’s important.

Finally, full body exercises build a uniform body that’s symmetrically. When you do split routines, you can easily overtrain certain areas of your body and cause imbalances that just increase pain and sometimes even worse.

2. Fast & Effective

It’s very important that you keep your weight training workouts quick and effective on the goal. For example, I like to keep my workouts at a maximum of 8 exercises and I build them to be over in no later than 40 minutes.

Many women will ask me… “what exercise should I do first?” Well the answer to that is… it depends. The first exercise you do in any given workout will be the one that gets the best work. While most of the time you won’t have to worry about it… you can start your workout with your weakest workout. I recommend you not worry about that though.

Also depending on the particular workout, I tend to build the vast majority of mine using supersets. A superset is typically back to back workouts working opposite muscle groups. For example… a chest press follow by a back row.

This setup usually helps get your workout done quickly with the maximum amount of effectiveness.

3. Got to Change It Up!

This is a big one because the one thing the majority of women want to avoid is working out but being stuck in a plateau.

It’s actually quite easy to avoid plateaus… all you have to do is make sure you change your workouts often. Always be giving your body something new that it hasn’t seen too much of before.

Here’s what I usually do… I have a workout A and a workout B. I will then have a client alternate these workouts for 4 weeks. After that it’s time to get a new workout A and B.

However, there are times depending on the goals… I will alternate more workouts or have a week where things really get changed up.

So you can see that if you want to get incredibly results not only is weight training for women very important, but it also requires a great deal of different programs to make sure you can effortless change and avoid those dreaded plateaus.

In Conclusion:

I hope this article helped you learn more about weight training for women and how to do it properly so you can enjoy the best results. If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to leave some comments below.

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