Welcome To The Gun Show: Sexy Arm Workout

Welcome to the gun show today! I have an amazing arm and upper body workout to share.

Something new, something fresh and best of all, it’s something that will make those arms of yours burn. YES!

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you know that I was away all weekend in Savannah for FitBloggin where Dan and I discussed podcasting!


We had a great time, and I’ll share some highlights later this week….

But for now let’s talk about those sexy arms!

In the past, I put more emphasis on my lower body training than my upper body.

I don’t know why exactly, it’s just the way I liked to do things.

But I’ve changed.

You see I have a temperamental knee. Sometimes it’s fine and doesn’t cause any trouble, sometimes it’s a real bitch and likes to mess with me big time. I swear, my knee goes through PMS more than I do!

Because of it’s bi-polarness, I’ve had to change my workouts up a bit while it heals.

Less squats and deadlifts…

More pull-ups and upper body workouts.

This isn’t to say I don’t do lower body moves, I just have to pay attention and listen to my body.

And there is also this…

Split Unsplit Workouts

I have enjoyed getting back into a few “split” unsplit workouts… basically as split as I can get. Even my split routines aren’t void of total body exercises, it’s just the way I roll.

With the new doors of Fit Womens Weekly opening SOON, Dan and I have been crazy building new programs. 6-week programs that is.

Each designed with your goals, limits, and abilities in mind. We’re so proud and excited.

One of our upcoming programs we’re working on now is a split (unsplit) 6-week program with each week’s workout putting a bit more emphasis on a different body part.

The first… arms.

So to celebrate the announcement of the NEW and IMPROVED Fit Womens Weekly, I created this arm workout, influenced of course, by the full arm workout that will be on the site.

Do it, enjoy it, and work for it! Work for each rep, and see just how strong you are.

This workout is short, but I was still out of breath and shaking my arms out!

The Gun Show Workout

You watched the video? Now let’s quickly go over the moves so that you feel 100% confident getting started.

The good news is this is completely body weight, no need to grab weights. But I promise you’ll feel the burn! If you don’t, then add on another round! 🙂


The Arm Exercises

Lets quickly go over all of the moves so you feel comfortable and confident!

And if you’re like me, it’s fun to have a list of moves so that if any are new to you, you can simply Pin them and add ‘um to your exercise data base!

Regular Push – Ups

Tip: If you need to, perform these on your knees. For help with your push-ups, check out this push-up progression post!

Plank Walks

Tip: Keep your core tight and your butt low!

Close Grip Push-Ups (Tricep Push-Ups)

Tip: Keep those elbows squeezed in by your sides! The go back towards your feet as you lower down, not out.

Crab Walks

Tip: Push your hips up high as if setting a glass of water on your thighs! Try not to let your butt tap the ground. You can do it!

Pike Push-Ups

Tip: Allow your hips to rock forward as you lower down. Aim to allow your head to lower down to the ground in front of your thumbs, not behind them. This can add pressure to your shoulders.

Gorilla Walks:

Tip: Going backwards will feel awkward. However, any movement you do forward, you should be able to do backwards as well. Simply take your time for the reverse.

Donkey Kicks:

Tip: Use your core, and push through your shoulders to get your feet up as high as possible. Getting to handstand is not necessary, get to a point that challenges you!

Lunge Walks

Tip: Keep your head up, shoulders back and back straight. Take large steps and of course watch the front knee to make sure it doesn’t go in front of the ankle.

Let’s chat…

What’s your favorite arm exercise?

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