I used to think there was only one type of workout for me. The treadmill. I was addicted to that thing and would run on it twice a day.

Lots of women are still under the impression that cardio training equals fat burning. But there are actually a number of other types of workouts which can and should be used.

Here’s a brief list (each of these should be used with other types of workouts):

  • Weight training
  • Interval training
  • Yoga
  • Pilattes
  • Distance cardio training
  • Circuit workouts

What Are Circuit Workouts?

A circuit workout is a series of exercises that typically are done back to back with little rest until the circuit is complete. After the circuit is complete, you can take planned rest to prepare for the next circuit.

Most circuit workouts have a either one circuit or a series of circuits which will be repeated.

The exercises that create the circuit can be literally anything. They range of bodyweight circuits to weight training circuits. Pushing yourself for speed is what you want to do while keeping good form. So if you’re using weights, you usually will not go heavy because the speed and power aspect of the training will take care of the intensity.

What Are The Best Circuit Workouts To Do?

I help women that are overweight to obese get in shape. That means 99% of the women that I work with are getting back into exercise or have been trying different solutions.

That being the case, bodyweight circuit workouts are the absolute best hands down.

Even when I personally train, I am constantly doing bodyweight circuits. I occasionally mix in weights but not nearly as much as you would think.

Why Are Bodyweight Circuits the Best?

There are a number of reasons bodyweight circuits are the best. Let’s look at them.

1. You Control Intensity

The intensity at which they hit you moves with your ability. So if you are just getting started, you’ll move slower but at a pace which is very intense for you. That’s what you want as it will push you to progress.

If you are more advanced and you can up the intensity, then you can easily do that. In other words, the workout is as hard as you want it to be.

2. They Are Portable

This is one of my favorites. You can take these bodyweight circuit workouts anywhere. I do them at the gym most of the time, but I’ll take them outside to our local part and do them.

If you are getting back into fitness, you will probably enjoy the privacy of your own home. It really doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you have enough room, you can do these workouts.

That is a freeing thing. You don’t need the expensive gym membership to get a great body that is toned, tight, and lean.

3. They Are Fast

Most circuits are a faster workouts. Workout time is a combination of the type of workout you’re doing and rest time. For example…

When you are lifting heavy weights, you will rest longer. Usually these heavy workouts might last longer because of that.

Circuits on the other hand are constantly moving. So you can keep going until you’re done with the particular workout.

But they are not always short. Sometimes, if you are on a how many times can you do a certain circuit in a given time period, then the workout length is up to you. You set the time and then you do what you can in that time.

They are flexible and that means these can easily fit into your schedule so you get the benefit.

4. They Are Fun

Circuits are a great workout that are actually fun. If you have a little competitive streak in you then you can compare your times against others that have done the workout as well.

This can really push you and make the workout a lot more fun and seemingly fast too.

Even if you are just competing against yourself, you get that Rocky feeling. You are pushing really hard to see what your body can take. It’s fun to do that and it’s actually a great habit to get into as well.

Circuit Workouts For Women Are A Great Foundation

Lunging Woman

Using these types of workouts are a great foundation for you. You can build off of these because they are exceptional at burning fat.

They really combine the cardio benefits of intervals together with building lean muscle mass. So you slim down rapidly.

But don’t just do these… mix and match. As you get stronger, add in some yoga. Do some weight training as you keep getting stronger. Your body will change on levels you have never imagined.

Join Fit Women’s Weekly where each week I make you a bodyweight circuit workout. It’s a lot of fun and the program produces some really great results as well.