What Does It Really Take To Get A 6-Pack?

Thank you all so much for the support. You’ve made the transition to Kindal super simple! Thank you so much for understanding and I am thrilled that you all understand.

Remember how I said I was going to be changing the blog to more goal oriented posts? Well, today I’m sharing the first of my 2 goals with you! The second will be shared later this week and is workout focused.

Okay, here we go…

The all admired 6-pack is the holy grail of fitness to many women (and men). To some, it’s the sign that you’ve made it. The sign of ultimate fitness and health.

Achieving a 6 pack isn’t easy and I get asked all the time for tips and suggestions for whittling down the midsection.

It takes hard word, consistent effort and big changes in the kitchen. There is no secret, there is no magic pill or exercise. It’s a lot of elements coming together.

To be honest, I’ve been chasing the 6-pack for years now.

Well, I say “chasing” but I use the term loosely.

I know what it takes to get it. It is my job to help people accomplish their fitness/lifestyle goals… and sometimes that’s a 6-pack.

But for me, I personally haven’t put in the work that it needs.

My body is lean, strong and healthy. Plus, I love wine, chocolate (especially with caramel), and carbs.


In two words… I’m balanced. I consider myself healthy and fit with a sprinkle of delicious sweet treats and alcohol.

Just enough sugar and alcohol to keep me from really going after the 6-pack.

Then there’s my workouts. I love running but I also know that running 10+ miles over and over again isn’t helping my muscle to build and my abs to show. Up until now I wasn’t in a spot where I could change that (thanks to races).


When I started thinking about my first few challenges, this one IMMEDIATELY came to my mind.

What does it take to get a 6-pack?

We are all going to find out together.

Yup, I’m going for it. There will be bad days, great days and okay days. And I’m going to share them all here.

I’m going to share what I eat… because eating is important! This series isn’t meant to be a “this is what I do, so you should do it to”. Instead, it’s a “you really want to know what it takes?” kind of thing.

This is not a challenge to see if eating less can cut my abs. Instead, it’s about how eating clean and eating MORE can do MORE for your body.

I’ll share temptations, meals, workouts and more over the course of the 10-week journey.

I’m giving myself 10 weeks to accomplish this.

Why a cut off?

– I work a hell of a lot better when I have a start and end date.
– Because I’m not sure I am genetically capable of getting a 6-pack. No matter how lean some people get, popping abs isn’t a given.
– 10 weeks is just enough time to really dedicate yourself to a goal without growing bored and giving up.
– I have other goals to accomplish!

Why Am I Do this?

I am aware I might receive some backlash for this challenge.

Why do I need a 6 pack to prove myself?

I don’t. I’m actually very happy where I am.


I won’t lie, of course the pressure of “looking like a trainer” is big.

But it’s not big enough to make me feel like I’m not good enough. I think I’ve shown myself to be fit, healthy, balanced and a role model figure.

No, this isn’t about that.

– It’s about self experimentation and showing women (who are curious) what it really takes to get a 6-pack.
– It’s about taking action on something that I’ve said I’ve wanted for over 10 years.
– It’s about improving my fitness and setting goals to push me forward.
– And it’s for me. We all want to look our best, and I want to see what I can accomplish.

So that’s it.

To kickoff the challenge… we need a before picture. Right?

Progress: Week 0 (Baseline)

Each week I will snap a picture right here in this very unforgiving light at our gym.

It’s not pretty, it’s not touched up and it’s not even with our DSLR camera. iPhone is not my friend when it comes to pictures, but it’s honest. That’s for sure!

And yes, I chose the most unflattering shorts. Not on purpose.



So that’s the challenge.

Later this week I’ll share my macros and what I’m doing with my nutrition.

I’ll also share a few of my workouts. Because damn, the workout Alex and I did on Monday is definitely share worthy!

Let the blog challenge begin! I hope that you follow along!

What would be the hardest sugar filled treat to give up for 10-weeks?

For me… it’s going to be my Friday coffee shop goodie.

Every Friday, I work at a coffee shop and treat myself to an almond milk latte and a baked good of some sort. That’s gotta stop for just a bit.


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