Have you ever noticed that at least some of your closest friends will try to make you do things you clearly stated you never wanted to?

Because they are close friends, they can get away with applying the peer pressure on thick. Unfortunately many times they win and you will give into their pressure influence.

How many times can think of where something like that happened?

I can come up with quite a few.

This matters because when it comes to losing weight, if you don’t have the support of the people closest to you, you’ll most likely end up in conflict about doing what it takes to live a healthy life.

Are You Missing Key Support?

One of the reason’s why you are suffering from weight issues or you’re just not happy with your body is because of other people around you. The group habits have to some extent dictated…

  • How much food you eat.
  • What types of food you eat.
  • When you eat.
  • What and how much you drink.
  • If you exercise.
  • And on and on…

Think about it. You do things as a family, as a group of friends. And no matter what for many things in life, these activities will replicate what the group does as a whole… even if it goes against what you want or believe you should do.

Here’s what I mean…

For me, drinking is always the center of a social gathering. I have finally separated myself from drinking excessive amount, but even to this day, I get ridiculed or teased about it. Peer pressure is applied with the goal to have me drink more.

Who Applies The More Pressure To You?

For my clients, the most pressure comes from the husband. If they are not trying to lead an active lifestyle then things get hard pretty quickly.

First, husbands usually complain about eating healthy. For whatever reason it does not match up with their manly ways. In know many clients of mine have a very difficult time eating veggies, and other foods they want because their husbands simply refuse to eat them.

Second, it could be drinking or small habits like that. If the husband loves to drink with you and you two have always done it in the past… giving up alcohol if even for a short time will probably never happen successfully.

Third, even if you are willing to make separate meals for you to eat which are healthier or if you don’t care how upset your husband gets that you don’t go out and drink with him…

You can’t keep that up forever.

You Have To Have A Unified Goal – Vision – Support

When the people closest to you in life are not on the same page, it makes losing weight very difficult.

A lot of added stress is created when these issues arise. The address stress usually gets bigger and then things fall apart.

It can really help if you have a group of other women to get support from. But the same issues will arise on weekends and at dinners, especially if you want to try a new recipe of things like that.

The point is…

Weight loss is more than just a personal commitment. It’s a commitment by all people that are heavily involved in your life. They don’t need to necessarily go on the same journey you are, but they do need to respect your journey and help you along the way.

Formulate A Plan…

Think about that. I really wanted to write about it because most women I work with intuitively know about it, but they don’t really acknowledge the huge impact the support structure has on their personal success.

Evaluate the people closest to you. Learn where you have support and where you don’t. It might really help to talk with these people and share your goals. Get their support and hold them accountable to it.

It will make the entire process a lot more fun and enjoyable.