What I’m Loving Lately: I’m Having An Affair

It’s Friday!

And guess what?

I’m feeling so much better! Thank you for all your get well wishes. They definitely helped.

I’m looking forward to some light exercise this weekend to help get the final kinks worked out. Plus I am going stir crazy from my lack of movement these past few days.

I’m tired of sitting on my butt.


After a not so hot weekend last week, I’m crossing my fingers this one is a bit more enjoyable, relaxed and dare I say… fun?!

I hope you have some awesome plans lined up.

All I really want to do is sleep, sip some vino (starting Saturday Dan and are are doing a 30 day no alcohol challenge!), and experiment in the kitchen.

So before I head off to do some recipe creation, I have some new to me things that I am loving lately and wanted to share.

Some I received for free, others I opened up my own wallet for. But everything here regardless of how I got it, is my honest opinion.

First things first… I’m having an affair.

No, not with my marriage. With  a blender.

The Nutri Ninja


Now you know that I am a die-hard Vitamix fan. Seriously, I use my Vitamix on average of twice a day. It’s not cheap and I am making sure that Dan and I get my Mother-In-Law’s money’s worth (it was a Christmas gift).

But I am also a fan of single serving blenders.

I’ve been using my Cuisinart one for years now to make salad dressings, protein pancakes and random concoctions that yield small amounts where it’s silly to use the big blender.

But the Cuisinart had lived a long life and was on it’s last leg. Half the time it doesn’t work, sometimes it smells like it’s on fire and it leaks a bit, okay sometimes  a lot.

So when the nice people at Ninja asked if I would like to try out their single serving blender ( Nutri Ninja), I of course said yes.

My first trial run with it was for pancakes… clearly this doesn’t take a lot of power so I wasn’t surprised that my batter came out smooth and perfect.


The ultimate test was when I decided to see if it could really blend a smoothie just as good as my Vitamix… frozen banana and all.


I was actually pleasantly surprised at how great it blended! No chunks…. At all. Smoothie perfection.


Into this delicious concoction was:

Ginger Bomb
  • 1 Banana
  • 1 Tbsp Almond Butter
  • 1 Chunk Fresh Ginger (3/4 inch)
  • Ice
  • Almond Milk

The only thing so far I don’t like about it is how wide it is. For a woman, the lid/blade is hard to grip because of the wide diameter.

Is this going to replace my Vitamix?

Um no… unless it starts making boiling hot soup and homemade peanut butter in 2 minutes flat, I will continue to be obsessed with my Vitamix.

professional vitamin

But it’s okay to have a fling with something else from time to time, right?

The Nutri Ninja is the perfect replacement for my Cuisinart.

And for any of you looking for a great smoothie blender that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, then I think the Ninja is perfect!

This blender runs around $100 and can be found at most big stores like Target and Bed Bath & Beyond!

If you’re wondering about the Ninja Blender…

I will say that we bought it prior to getting the Vitamix because I’m cheap and thought it would be just as good… I was wrong. I was not a fan of their Pro Blender and we ended up giving it away and Dan making me promise him that I would never take the “cheap” route again (he wanted the Vitamix all along).

Wiley’s Finest Fish Oil


I have been a long time fan/user of Wiley’s Finest fish oil.

The company contacted me ages ago to try their supplements, and I have been hooked ever since.

It’s hard to find a good fish oil that doesn’t leave you burping up fish breath all day!

They recently created their liquid fish oil. I was hesitant at first, thinking how awful it had to be. Drinking straight fish oil? Ugh.

But, I was curious and because i know that liquid is easier to digest than taking supplements in pill form, I decided to give it a go this time around.

Not fishy at all! The slight lemon taste, dare I say, actually makes it taste good!


Plus it comes with this adorable little wooden spoon. I’ve been enjoying my lil spoonful each morning before breakfast.

If you’re curious about Wiley’s, here’s more info on the company from the first time I tried their stuff.

Cricket Bars


We’ve discussed this in a podcast before, but Dan thinks that insects are going to become a staple in our diets as food becomes more scarce due to population growth and pollution.

He’s been wanting to give them a test run for a while to see how they are on the pallet in case it really does come down to that.

Me? Ugh.

But because I am an awesome wife, I did some research, found these cricket bars and ordered them. Yes, they contain ground up “cricket flour” from Chapul.

And yes, I gave them a try.

These aren’t cheap but I will say they were quite delicious! I would totally eat crickets if they came like this all the time!

The Ginger Coconut was my favorite.

I know what you’re wondering…

What was the consistency?

It was like a fudgy Lara Bar. Aside from crickets, each bar contains dates and then whatever flavors it’s made up of.

The espresso bar was really good too!

and my final shout out…


Thank you so much for coming back to this place and hanging out with me.

I love feeling comfortable enough to be able to share my thoughts and true emotions.

While I love writing the blog for me, it’s really nice to know that people are actually enjoying it too.

So thank you.

Happy Friday!

Tell me… what are you loving?


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