Your body fat percentage is probably one of the more important numbers about your body that you can measure. Let’s get the easy answer out of the way…

What is a healthy body fat percentage for your body?

That’s pretty tough to answer with specifics but on an average scale, women should be around 16% to 20% and you really don’t want to go below 16% body fat.

Why is this? It’s because…

Not All Body Fat Is Bad For Your Body… In Fact It’s Vital

Body fat is not a bad thing when it’s in the right amount in your body. It helps to regulate body temperature, it can store energy for later use, and it can protect your vital organs which is really important.

These days though, normal body weight seems to be a thing of the past, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, no matter where you are now, it really doesn’t have to be. You can lose your excess body fat and control your intake.

Let’s take a look into body fat so you can understand your body weight and how to best get rid of it.

Phase 1: Body Fat And Your Weight

If you’re like 100% of women (which I am sure you are), you’re weighing yourself at least every week. However, have you ever thought what your weight is?

I am guessing you have not because most women think it’s a measure of health and hotness. But it’s not. Your weight is more or less meaningless. It’s just the weight of all your different body parts including bone, blood, water, organs, fat, and food that’s digesting in your body.

So what does weight tell you? Absolutely nothing. Not to mention because it’s a measure of all this different material in your body, it can fluctuate a lot. In fact your weight probably does go up and down a lot causing you to panic sometimes.

But body fat percentage does tell you a lot.

Phase 2: Your Body Fat Percentage

You really want to try and get your body fat percentage down to 20% if you can. It’s pretty tough but just going for that number will help you get it down to the mid to low 20’s. Here’s the thing, if you want a body fat percentage that low then you need to exercise smart and eat smart too.

Body fat can be deadly and as you know obesity is deadly. But what is crazy is you can actually lose weight with the appearance of getting smaller, but actually holding onto and putting on new body fat. It’s called skinny fat and it’s just as dangerous as being obese is.

To track your body fat, use a scale that send an electric signal through your body. They are actually pretty accurate these days.

Get this number down and forget about your overall weight.

Phase 3: How To Burn Body Fat

Body fat is where extra calories are stored. So if you keep eating extra calories, you’ll keep storing body fat. You need to learn more about your body and what it takes to run it.

From there you can understand what it would be like to run a calorie deficit and force your body to burn fat.

This phase is a little too much for this article, but with the right calculations and the right workout and nutrition plan, you can burn fat so fast it would make your head spin. It would be tough, but even a toned back version of this plan can help you burn fat at a safe and rapid pace.

The key here is that you are forcing your body to use excess body fat and not any other materials for energy like lean muscle mass. That is really key to losing “True” weight.

What Is Your Body Fat Percentage?

Don’t be afraid of this number. You need to know where you’re starting so you can improve from there. It may be sobering to you, but I promise you it will correct itself fast.

How? Try my program Torched In 20. This program is designed for women getting back into intense exercise. I know it will help you on your body fat percentage quest.

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