I have a client, Kim, who has a confidence that would blow you away. She’s not cocky but there is definitely an aura of strength and personal belief when you’re around her.

I know to some of my newer clients, it can be a little intimidating, but once they get to know her… that intimidation goes away and her confidence fuels them to find their own.

For most women getting started, having that level of confidence and belief in yourself doesn’t seem natural.

However it’s something we all want. I mean, who doesn’t want to be super confident… who doesn’t want to believe they can do anything put in front of them… who doesn’t want to feel in complete control of their life?

That’s something I am constantly working towards personally.

I’ve come to discover that a huge part of confidence and self worth is directly tied to your strength.

Just look at this picture of these two women. Granted they may be at a completely different level than you (I know they are compared to me… at least looks wise), but that’s not the point. It’s it inspiring and wouldn’t it feel amazing to be strong like that?

I have news for you… you can be strong like that no matter where you are today!

The Two Types Of Strength:

There are two types of strength…

1. RAW Strength – Being able to lift heavy.

2. Endurance Strength – Being able to endure lots of bouts of movement with weights or just bodyweight. (This is more like circuit training.)

Both are important, but when you’re training for one the other will suffer. However, there is a great mix of the two that you should aim for and keep most of the time.

You never want to train for RAW strength all the time and you never want to train for endurance all the time either.

I train women to do both. The majority of the time, it’s bodyweight training because you must build your strength up to lift your own body before you can start adding more weight into the equation.

Why Strength Is Not Related To Size

Strength And Body Size

Strength and getting bigger are not directly related. There are two types methods to getting strong.

1. Relative Strength – This is being strong while not putting on weight. It’s remaining lean, fit, fast, flexible, and highly functional. In other words, really strong for your body size and makeup.

2. All Out Strength – This is getting big because as you gain size, you have more muscle mass which means you have more potential strength to tap into. Think Olympic lifters and big athletes to a certain extent… they still need speed big time.

You obviously want relative strength and you achieve this by controlling your diet and calorie intake while training really hard in the gym or wherever you love to workout the most.

Bottom line:

Getting strong does not mean you’ll get big. You will get some muscle, but muscle is sexy these days. Plus that’s where confidence comes from.

How Does Being Strong Build Amazing Confidence?

Build Self Confidence

Besides hitting their weight goals, my clients and boot campers get the most excited when they can pump out 10 perfect pushups.

I think it’s a mix between accomplishing something you never thought you could… mixed with the feeling of strength. That’s what I can’t really explain in words. The feeling you have when your strong… surprisingly strong.

One of my most fun moments in fitness: The Strong Woman’s Farmers Carry

A couple years ago I entered a Strong Woman competition. It was incredibly fun and extremely challenging. One of the events was a farmers carry where you had to walk about 30 yards, back and forth, carrying 70 pounds in each hand.

You could NOT put the weight down at all. Oh yeah… you also had to race a competitor during the time limit that was set.

I tapped into a strength deep inside me!

I don’t know what happened but I tapped this strength and in the final seconds of the competition I flew past my competition and won the event. It was the most exhilarating feeling ever.

At that moment I was so confident, humbled still, but I felt amazing.

Feeling strong and seeing your strength grow is more gratifying than seeing your weight go down. It’s one of the best feelings and it’s highly addictive.

How Can You Start Today To Increase Your Strength?

Getting Stronger

I write more about this here.

Step 1 – Start with bodyweight.

Master your bodyweight. Most women can quickly increase their lower body strength doing lunges and squats. Make sure to add in a variety of jumping exercises too.

Work hard on pushups and get those strong. Also begin to do chin-ups and pull-ups. Getting strong here will help you across the board. Even though it’s harder for women to do pull-ups, I know for a FACT you can do them!

Step 2 – Start adding fundamental lifts into your training.

Fundamental lifts/movements (with weights) are squats, deadlifts (picking things up), lunges, bench press, and rows.

All of these hit the major muscle complexes in your body. You’ll gain strength fast and burn fat really quickly too. I like to mix in slow heavier workouts with faster circuit weight training occasionally.

Step 3 – Track your fundamental lifts.

Track what you lift for the fundamental lifts. Keep this in mind…

It’s not always about how much weight you can lift. You might squat 145 pounds, but go for how many reps you can until you can’t anymore.

Remember… RAW strength and endurance strength. The two types.

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