What It Takes To Get 6 Pack Abs Finale

10 weeks have come and gone.


10 weeks have come and gone fast.

If you’re new to Lifting Revolution, 10 weeks ago, I decided I would dedicate my training and nutrition to achieving the oh so coveted 6 pack abs.

The holy grail of fitness results.

I shared pictures, nutrition plans, ab challenges, workouts, and more with you all over these past weeks as part of my journey. (Check out Instagram for more)

And I saw some great results.

6 pack abs: What It Takes #6packabs #flatstomach

I’ve been both excited to write the post and dreading it.

Excited because… the stress of the challenge is over.
Dreading it because… I have to reevaluate what I did and didn’t do.
Excited because… I did get some awesome results.
Dreading because… I didn’t get a 6 pack.

Let’s take a look at a few of the progress pictures along the way…

The Trainer’s 6 Pack Ab Transformation


Let’s break it down a little more…

Week 0:

Not the most flattering of pictures. The lighting, the angles, the raw honesty.

But it was motivating. I looked at this picture and felt super excited for this challenge.



Week 5:

Half way. I had been tracking my macros, diligent about my training and really excited about my progress.

At this point, I was like, “Yes, I think I can do this!”



Week 10:

And here we are as of yesterday.

From weeks 6 to about this point, results plateaued.

Not because my body refused to budge, but because life.

Dan and I went on 2 vacations (here and here), I enjoyed time with family and enjoyed sipping wine and eating cheese.

I don’t regret any of that, however it did make getting 100% focused really hard. Especially when we got home.



What Would Have Motivated Me More For Better Results?


Life is what it is. I feel great, I am proud of my body and I learned something…

For MY body to get a 6-pack, it takes 100% commitment.

Our bodies are shaped by genetics and 6-pack abs simply aren’t something that my body wants to embrace easily.

I think that’s what all women need to realize and what I had a hard time coming to terms with…

My stomach is flat, genetics allows for that to happen. But it’s not ripped and you can’t wash your dirty sports bras on it.

Yet, my body fat is down to a level that on some would yield amazing abs and my training with sprints, ab wheel, and more would have caused some to have an 8-pack.

But not me… unless I bend this way and crunch that way….


So what could have motivated me more?


My goal this entire time was to see what kind of result you could get from NOT OBSESSING over results, not taking my nutrition to a dangerous zone and cranking up the dial on my workout strength and intensity.

What Plan Did I Use?

I recently posted a progress picture on Instagram and received the question…

“Are you following a special diet format?! Or just hitting the gym hard for those #gainz?”

The truth…

I did both.


Like I had previously stated for my nutrition…

I focused on tracking my macros most days.

And for most days, I did great. I did not track during vacation. I even had a few days where I hit all my macros perfectly.

That’s a rare event and in the world of IIFYM, it’s a huge success!

For those of you curious about my macros, I shared all about them here.

I also cut back on my alcohol.

I went 4 weeks without a single glass of wine, which of course came to an end when we visited Brittany at Victoria Valley and then enjoyed time with family in Philadelphia.

But even once I reintroduced alcohol back, I kept my intake to a minimum of 2 glasses and avoided it all together from Mon-Thur.

I have to say, I am really proud of myself on this one!


As for my workouts…

The intensity went up!

I’ve always worked hard but over the past weeks I’ve stuck to my goals of adding sprints and more targeted ab work.

Did I ab wheel every day? Nope.
Should I have? Maybe.

But one thing I can tell you:

My strength went up as well as my muscle definition and fitness confidence.

For a while now, I was letting my brain dictate my abilities. I’m back to telling my brain to shut it while I show it what I can really do!


For more information regarding my workouts and actually efforts, check out:

The Hardest Part About Getting 6 Pack Abs
28 Day Core Training Calendar For 6 Pack Abs
6 Pack Abs Food Manual: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinners

Slow & Steady Wins The Race

Dan asked me last week if I was going to continue with macro counting and actions that I’ve been taking for these past weeks once I hit the “publish” button.

Yes, I am!

Because I’m not ready to give up.

I feel great, I am eating great, my workouts have a focus (which is awesome since i don’t have anything planned for until Oct) and results that come slow are the results that last.

Slow and steady wins the race and I figure that if I continue just living the life I’m currently enjoying, results will continue to show themselves.

So who knows, in another 10 weeks, I could have killer abs!

That’s what I try and tell all of my clients. Results worth having, don’t pop up overnight. If they do, they’re just as likely to leave overnight.


Am I A Failure?


Yes and no.

I’m not going to make excuses for myself. I could have been more strict and I could have given you better results.

So in that sense, yes, I failed.

But, I’m a real woman with real life stresses and events. Adulting has been quite difficult lately and I have been an emotional mess off and on these past few weeks.

I’m happy for the results I’ve gotten, especially after looking at some older videos and photos from 2015.

I ended the challenge feeling better than when I started, so… I win.

And now I’m ready for some getups and handstands!

Thank you so much for hanging out with me over the past weeks while I shared my ab journey.

I would love to hear your thoughts and if you did your own challenge, how did it go?

Also, answer me this…

If you could have 6 pack abs but it meant you could NEVER enjoy a beer or glass of wine* again, would you?
*If you don’t drink, change it up with another indulgence like chocolate or cookies.


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