What The Fitness!? Jaw Dropping Fitness News Stories As Of Late

Wow, what a week this is going to be! I can’t express how blessed I feel to do what I do! Yesterday was filled with anxiety… like the first day of school anxiety. No matter how many clients I’ve trained or how many boot camps I’ve run, I still get butterflies in my belly when I have a new one!

Luckily all of our new classes kicked off smoothly and our new clients are amazing! I can tell how motivated everyone is. It’s so great when you meet people that are after not just weight loss but aiming to transform their lifestyle. It’s the best.

Luckily, Dan and I knew this week was going to be crazy so for once we actually planned out the week.

Amazing, right?

Are we the only ones that are procrastinators? Instead of freaking out yesterday about getting our podcast recorded and up, we did it this weekend. Go Team Boyle!



Yes, that’s right… unlike some bloggers who have their posts planned out weeks in advanced, I’m not like that. But I’m working to get better! I’m working to be a better plan all around.

The fun gets zapped out when you’re running around like a machine trying to get everything done. I’m learning that by planning, things are enjoyable! Rocket science at it’s finest.

Anyways… let’s talk health in the news!

With this whole January thing going on, healthy living news is blowing up! Some good, some that make you respond with a… “no duh”.

Dan and I thought it would be fun to highlight some of the GOOD, INTERESTING and RELEVANT stories floating around.

The Good, Interesting And Relevant Healthy Living News Stories Trending

Show Notes

Don’t have the opportunity to listen in? No biggie, but you might want to when you can as Dan gives an apology. And let’s be honest, we all love a guy when he says he’s sorry!

Let’s recap those stories!

Weight Loss Industry Faces Growing Problem: Fewer Dieters

Over the past year, less people seem to be dieting. And by dieting we’re talking about a structured diet: Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Cabbage Soup, Adkins, etc. This makes me giddy like a school girl in love.

Anne Hathaway’s Diet Consisted Of Radishes & Hummus!


What I adore is that part of the reason for this lack of calorie counting is that people are realizing that the way to go isn’t with deprivation but instead learning how to eat healthier overall… long term.

Well, that’s part of the reason. According to the article:

Even though fewer Americans say they are dieting, the percentage who say they want to shed 20 pounds has remained fairly steady. It’s just that Americans don’t want to work as hard and are more willing to believe those love handles are, well, lovely.”

Vitamins Don’t Prevent Heart Disease Or Cancer, Experts Find

New studies apparently found that there is no correlation between taking a daily vitamin and prolonged life, decreased risk of heart disease, or cancer.

Completely off topic, but did you know that the vitamin industry is an $11.8 BILLION industry? Holy smokes.

Anyways, the article brings up some great points and I think it helps to put into perspective what are realistic expectations from taking a vitamin. Just like anything, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Overdosing in vitamins and minerals is possible!

But what I think that the article doesn’t do a good job of explaining is the need for vitamins int he first place. I have never heard of someone saying they take them because of cancer/heart disease/etc but because the body requires at that moment “x” amount of iron, calcium, Vitamin C… to run efficiently. To carry out every day metabolic activities.

While I agree, getting nutrients from real food is #1, it’s important to have an “insurance” plan sometimes too! That’s why Dan and I take green supplements.

Love to hear your thoughts!

Overseas Development Institute Report Shows Increasing Rates Of Obesity In 3rd World

I am not surprised by this article but the facts are really interesting. Obesity has quadrupled over the past 28 years. QUADRUPLED!

Dan and I bring some really interesting ideas to the table… are we turning into a world that will one day look like Wall-E? Are we destined to continue to move less and eat more?

And what I really love… does the government have the right to control food and make regulations on consumption? It’s a touchy subject no doubt! Thoughts??

On Instagram, ‘Fitness Inspiration’ Is Often An Eyeful

I love Instagram (BTW, do you follow me?) and I love the motivation or should I say, fitspiration, that it’s able to provide.


But let’s be honest, there are some users that go a bit wild here.

This article, published by USA Today, talks about that… those big name users that post half naked pictures of themselves squatting, lifting, crunching, etc. Are they really motivating or are they eye candy?

At the same time, do these Instagram users do the opposite of what they intend? Instead of motivating, do they drive people to think they can’t can never achieve the results shown? Are they inflating?

What do you think? This is just a few images from @cttchickentuna, as she was mentioned in the article. Every single picture posted, yields up to 5,000 new followers! That’s pretty crazy.


We also mentioned Brittany Spears above and her painted on abs from Vegas. Brittany has been pressured so much over the recent years to resemble the body she has over 15 years ago, she’s taken to painting on her abs. Is it pressure to look like the teen boppers of today? I think she looks amazing! In fact, better now than when she was 16 years old.  Here’s the article. 


Image source

And finally…

The Top Trends In Fitness For 2014 (According To Shape)

I’ll quickly list these off, we go into more detail in the podcast above. I agree with many, and many I have to roll my eyes at. But I suppose that’s with any trend. You have winners and you have, well, not winners.

Top 10 Trends Predicted For 2014 (Per Shape.Com)

  1. Gyms Go Digital (love this one… Fit Womens Weekly!)
  2. Emphasis On Recovery (YES)
  3. Express But Intense Workouts
  4. Yoga As Crossing Training
  5. Corrective Exercise For Pain Management
  6. Workouts Designed To Build Brain Power (Yum…)
  7. Nutrition Takes Center Stage
  8. Small Group Training
  9. Wearable Fitness Devices
  10. Wellcoaching

I would love to know… what trends do you see being big in 2014? 

Personally, I love the trend of focusing fitness on health instead of a means to a 6-pack!

Okay, and that’s a wrap! This podcast was a lot of fun and Dan and I really enjoyed reading the news. If you liked this format of podcast, please don’t be shy… let me know 🙂 


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