This is an incredibly powerful exercise to help you not just lose weight, but to become really healthy (even more!). After all that is the entire goal of my training business – to help you become a powerful woman, not just a fit woman.

I want you to become happy and healthy. When you do that weight loss just happens. It’s something you don’t ever have to worry about.

So here’s the exercise:

Grab a piece of paper and pen or open up your favorite writing app on your computer.

Woman BlueprintDescribe the type of women you want to become:

  • Describe how she looks first and then what does she do to look and live like that?
  • What foods does she eat and how does she cook?
  • What workouts does she do and how often does she exercise?
  • What books does she read?
  • What activities does she do?

I think you get the point and where this is going. One key is to be realistic. Don’t base the body off of what you see in the magazines. Those are all fake and unobtainable.

Get a full description of the woman that is the woman you want to become. When you do that, you have the exact blueprint of how to become that women. At this point just step into her life and you’ll literally morph into that woman.

Here’s The Real Power Of This Exercise:

The woman you want to become probably exercises consistently. At least three times a week like I prescribe. And not just that, but she has fun exercising and looks forward to those times.

So starting today you can actually step into that. Start your workout program. If you don’t have a good one, join Fit Women’s Weekly and I’ll help you each week.

But that is one thing down. You are now a huge step closer to being that woman you described.

Next might be nutrition. I bet you described her as somebody who loves to eat health. Who understand it but also who enjoys her cheat meals too.

Again this is really easy to implement. You can do that today as well.

The point is if you want to be a success you have to become the woman you want to be. Do the daily things that woman would do.

This is such a powerful technique but it requires persistence. Here is the steps I recommend you take:

Step 1:

Initially write down all the things we mentioned above about the woman you want to become.

Step 2:

Start acting like her today.

Step 3:

For a few weeks, continue to refine and write about what this woman does. You’ll find things will change which is why by the end of a few weeks, you should be at a stage where you have this woman down pat.

Step 4:

Step into that life and live it.

There Is Nothing Holding You Back

There is nothing holding you back from doing this and becoming that woman but yourself. Don’t let your spouse or friends and family stop you from being that woman.

In fact, let that woman inspire them. I personally struggle with this on a weekly basis. My family practically makes fun of me because of my strict healthy habits. But I know that will change. I’ve tried to change them, but I know they will come around. Maybe it will be for the wrong reasons or some health issue will happen, but I know they will come around.

It’s my duty to keep being the example and improve my life to become the woman I want to be.

Let This Inspire You Daily

The other reason I suggest you write about this woman you want to be daily is because it will inspire you. I got this technique from a book by Jim Rhone I was reading.

He used it more in the sense of success through all avenues and it does work for that too.

But in terms of health and fitness, think about success differently.

Success isn’t how much weight you lost. It isn’t about how strong you become. It isn’t how healthy you can eat.

Success is all about the person you become when you do these things. It’s that woman you described. She is different and that is real success.

So try this exercise. Describe the woman you want to become and how she acts on a daily basis. Be specific and have fun with it. Once you start you’ll find you keep writing and you build this great picture.

Then just step into that picture and become that women. Your body and your life will change very quickly when you do this. Plus it’s a lot of fun as well.