What’s Better For Dropping Weight: Cardio Or Strength Training? {Vlog}

The first official Monday of 2013. That means we should all be back to our normal routines. Vacations are offer (sad), kids are back in school (traffic) and life in 2013 is moving right along.

Of course, that means that today is a new episode of Lifting Revolution’s Fitness & Nutrition Show!

Let’s chat…

  • Why the heck did I give up wine (and all alcohol)? 
  • What’s better for dropping weight: Cardio or strength training? 

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So… are you in? Are you up for a challenge?

In just a few days there will be a new button on the right side of the blog. This will take you to the challenge page! I am really excited about this and can’t wait to see what happens by the end of the month and by the end of the year!

As for the study…

Yes I believe that cardio AND strength training are crucial for seeing the results you want. Few of us want to lose weight and still look “soft”. Right?

What’s my favorite form of running? Intervals.

Intervals blast fat, increase your physical performance and at the end you’ll feel as if you just worked out for an hour… but all it takes is 20 minutes. Quick and to the point.

To keep things interesting always change it up! Never stick to just running 3 miles, or just running at a speed of 6.0 for so many minutes. Practice with the intervals and you will see changes!

If you want to read more on it you can see the abstract here. I also have a copy of the full study that Dan requested from the researchers. What can I say, we wanted ALL the facts and figures.

And that my friends, is a wrap!

If you have ideas or questions for future shows, please let me know!

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