Fatigue is a huge issue these days. Consider the fact that over one third of all working adults don’t get enough sleep. That right there is the primary cause for fatigue. However, it gets a lot worse because we tend to cover it up with stimulants and drinks which tend to only make the issue a lot worse.

Let’s take a little different look at some big reasons why you are probably do fatigued. These are the reasons that if you can just fix two or three of them, you’ll notice a huge difference immediately.

Why Am I So Tired? I Don’t Get Enough Sleep

I know this problem well. My boot camp business has me waking up before the sun rises and out the door. Then I stay up pretty late working on my blog and online training site. While I’m trying to grow my business, I realize that my sleep will probably suffer.

It the first thing on my list to fix when I get a little more settled down and consistent. But how about you?

You know if you’re getting enough sleep or not. It’s an obvious issue because you’re telling yourself all day long. How many times have you said, “I am just not getting enough sleep.”

Probably a lot. So here’s what I’ve recently tried to do and it has helped a little. Work really hard on getting to bed an hour earlier. And make sure you are trying to fall asleep at least 30 minutes sooner than you normally do.

It will really help. If you can, get rid of the TV in your room.

Why Am I So Tired? I Don’t Exercise My Body

Not consistently exercising your body is a huge reason why you are probably so tired. When you don’t workout, and on top of that you don’t eat nourishing foods, your body is sluggish.

You have a less metabolic efficient body because you probably have very little muscle mass. So you burn your energy quickly and leave your body craving more. That is why most people stick to sugary drinks, coffee, and the energy drinks. They need an external source for an energy boost because the food they eat and their body is not composed properly of the right tissues.

When you workout though and you build that lean muscle mass, increase your strength, and start to implement nutrient dense foods, your energy picks up. More lean muscle mass makes your body more metabolic efficient. It burns calories better and it store energy as well. It also allows you to eat more without packing on body fat.

This is one reason why even the right type of exercise matters so much. Steady state cardio done all the time will quickly lose all of it’s effectiveness. Read more about Fit Women’s Weekly and consider joining for the 6 month program. It will really help your energy levels.

Why Am I So Tired? I Am Not Eating The Right Foods

This is really a huge issue. You’ve heard the saying, you are what you eat. I am sure that deep down you realize it’s 100% true. Most women throughout the day suffer from fatigue because their fuel is processed and high in sugar.

Processed foods and drinks high in sugar provide you with that initial boost. However, you quickly crash because of the fluctuations in your blood sugar. A good nutritious meal will burn slower controlling your blood sugar and avoiding the crash. The right meals will actually sustain you for hours with a consistent energy until your next meal.

These nutritious foods are all about getting fiber, proteins mainly from plants but from animals as well. You need to make sure you don’t eat the processed foods as well. This is a big discussion but I’ll talk more about different food categories and why you should not eat them. Check out all of our nutrition articles at Fit Women’s Weekly.

Why Am I So Tired? I Am In A Bad Mood

Your mental state can really affect your energy levels. This is not a surprise at all. Think about the last time you were in a bad mood and how you felt. It was probably not pumped up and energized.

The hardest thing for us to remember is that we can control the state we are in. Try it and see for yourself.

Just make yourself feel better and notch up your energy levels. Really feel it almost like you have a small electric pulse in your body. Crank it up a little and decide to put a smile on your face.

Even if it’s for a brief moment, you definitely felt more energized and happy. Don’t forget that you have this power. The decisions you make mentally on how you want to view your current situation is really powerful. Decide to be energized and you’ll feel that way.

If you are facing a really tough issue and it’s hard to be excited about it. Think about how you’re a great problem solver. You can easily solve the problem like a puzzle and enjoy the process. It will make you feel a lot better.

The Solutions To Fatigue And Being Tired All The Time

So if you are tired all the time, look at these big things. Some of them like working on your nutrition and exercise will require more study and help, but you can do it.

It’s usually the easy fundamentals that really work consistently over and over again.

There are many more reasons why you might be so tired or just lack the energy for excitement. But it’s nothing the fundamentals can’t fix.