Working out is supposed to seamlessly fit into your life. It becomes something you do just like the habit of brushing your teeth. But for most women, to pull of this seamless integration, you can’t always run to the gym or use equipment workouts.

You need bodyweight workouts which are intense and can push you. What most women don’t really understand as they begin is the fact that bodyweight workouts are amazing, nearly limitless, and can give you the intensity you need for a lifetime.

Here Are The Top Reasons Why Bodyweight Workouts Are So Effective

1. Lean Muscle Responds To Exhaustion Not Weight

Workout to Exhaustion

It used to be common thought that you needed heavy resistance in order to spark lean muscle growth. However, multiple studies have shown that this is not the case. All you need is to push your muscles to exhaustion and that intensity will spur the same amount of growth in lean muscle fibers.

That is great news for you. Remember you want to build lean muscle mass because it allows you to boost your metabolism and burn more calories over all. Plus it gives your body the sexy shape you want.

Using the right bodyweight programs, you can very easily push your lean muscle mass to really high intensities. What’s also really great is you can switch tempos much easier too.

Even when you become really strong, you are looking at doing 25 to 45 reps before you can’t anymore. That is a great amount to see results.

2. The Versatility of Bodyweight Programs is Insane

The reason why I personally love to do bodyweight programs is the versatility of the workout is every changing. You can have so many combinations of exercises, different styles of training, and so much more. It creates workouts that are challenging, fun, and something that becomes the base of how you train.

A great example of this is the mix of tempos that we mentioned above. Just by doing a simple pushup, you can go really slow in tempo, then switch to really fast with a power tempo, then back. These changes can be make immediately which you really can’t do with any other type of workout.

You can go really slow down on the eccentric move, then POP back really fast on the concentric move. The mix of these tempos will vary intensity and produce results you can’t believe.

That is just one thing. With the right program like Fit Women’s Weekly, you can do so much more. You’ll see how a workout never has to be the same if you don’t want it to. Although there is great benefit to doing workouts a few times through… for tracking purposes.

3. They Can Be Done Anywhere

Workout in Your Hotel Room

If you’re like a lot of women, you’re constantly on the move. You may be traveling a lot, you may just have a job that keeps you really busy.

Having a workout habit will make your life considerably easier to handle. But you need the right type of workouts for sure. That is why bodyweight workouts are so great. They can be done anywhere.

  • In a hotel room
  • Outside pretty much anywhere
  • In your home
  • In your office
  • More or less where ever you feel comfortable doing them.

This can be a detriment sometimes. I know many clients that know then can do them anywhere so they will put off their workouts for later so they can do them during a special time or location. However, if they get caught up in work, they tend to miss them.

The key is to use this location independence to your advantage, but still schedule your workouts so you don’t miss them.

The right space to do a workout is just as important as the workout itself. A location can help to motivate you or bring you down mentally. That is a great topic for a future article.

4. You Can Introduce Weights Easily

With a great bodyweight workout from Fit Women’s Weekly, you can very easily introduce weights and other types of resistance. This is perfect if you want to just mix things up and take your intensity to the next level.

Some good examples of this are using a dumbbell when your doing tornado squat jumps, using a small barbell with doing walking lunges, or a medicine ball when doing an assortment of core work.

It’s my personal philosophy that small changes can induce huge results and adding these small pieces of equipment will do that for you. However, keep in mind that you don’t need them… only if you want to kick things up a notch.

This just talks more to the versatility of a well designed bodyweight workout program.

5. Fun To Do With Your Family

This might be a stretch but I’ve seen it happen with my boot camp clients… it can bring a family together.

I have clients that will bring their daughters to boot camp so they can do it all as Mother and daughter. It always makes me really happy to see this because it shows the right example for kids and makes fitness and health a priority in life.

You can do this on your own. If you have a good program with workouts you can follow, you can workout with your kids and even your spouse.

It’s a lot of fun to do this because you can have fun trying to push each other and tease as well. If you have a good competitive spirit, this can make doing these workouts with your family a lot of fun. Plus the benefits of them will be incredible on your health and relationships too.

Make Your Foundation Of Fitness A Bodyweight Workout Program

You should use bodyweight workouts and a program as your go to foundation. These will help you increase strength, improve your cardiovascular health, and so much more. They are the go to workout you always need to have access to.

Off of these, you can begin to experiment with more serious weight training, long distance running, yoga, and other types of training.

But bodyweight circuits should be your foundation.

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