There is nothing as frustrating as feeling like you are doing everything possible to lose weight, but no matter what, you can’t. It’s a very dangerous territory to be in because the poor results can jade you so much that you give up and accept by default your body and never try again.

There are so many reasons why this scenario could be playing out for you. This article will touch on some of the big ones that we have seen from experience training real women daily.

So Why Can’t You Lose Weight?

1. You Aren’t Really Doing What Should Be Done

Lazy Woman

This is a tough one to consider, but it happens about 80% of the time. You may be exercising, but when it comes to the food and drinks, you aren’t following a real plan. You still insist on eating junk food, drinking too many high calorie drinks, and turning a blind eye to it.

The thing about this is, you might be perfectly aware that you are doing this, but you might not be. The very best thing you can do is keep a food and nutrition journal for a few weeks.

By writing down everything you eat and drink, you’ll really quickly see what is actually going on. Most women that do this find it enlightening and the successful weight loss that follows is much easier.

You have to go the full distance though. Just exercise or just nutrition will not work for the longterm.

2. You Are Eating Too Little and Exercising Too Much

Not Eating Enough

This is a classic situation a lot of women find themselves in. Maybe you too. In your desire to lose weight, you think that if you exercise more and eat less food, you’ll lose weight a lot quicker.

The problem with this is by exercising more, you can very easily throw your body into a state of overtraining. This state forces your body to burn muscle mass as energy and store fat. When it can’t fully recover from exercise, it needs a very easy energy source to store and that is always fat.

On top of that, if you eat less and less food, your body will store more fat and eat muscle faster. If your body does not get the energy it needs to survive, it will store the easy energy which is always fat and burn muscle so it has some energy.

This all leads to more fat and a much much lower metabolic rate. It’s the deadly catch-22 cycle of fat gain and being skinny fat and depressed. This is dangerous.

3. You Have Thyroid Problems

Thyroid Gland

You will have to see a doctor about this one, but millions of women suffer from thyroid issues and don’t even know it.

Your thyroid is a gland in your throat that is responsible for your metabolic rate. If you are not secreting the hormones you need then you can actively be storing fat because of it.

There is no other way to really check for this unless you see a doctor. But if you know you’re not doing one of the above two things, this is something you should definitely do.

4. You Aren’t Exercising Correctly

We’ve already talked about not eating correctly, but not exercising correctly can also be an issue. If you are only doing long distance cardio walking and jogging, it will hamper your ability to lose weight.

This too can actually add body fat back onto your body. At first all activity is a great thing. Moving means you’re burning calories. But you have to remember that your body is very adaptive. It’s goal is to expend the least amount of energy possible.

So if your only workout is walking a half mile, your body will rapidly master that. Then each successive time you walk that half mile you are burning less and less energy. So if you keep eating, you soon dip back into taking in too many calories than you are expending. Plus low impact workouts like this don’t support lean muscle growth.

In other words, they don’t boost your metabolic rate. Resistance training is what you need to really boost the resting metabolic rate and become more efficient at burning extra calories as well.

5. Your Relying On Fad Diets and Fat Burning Pills

Crazy Fad Diets

These things may work in the very short term, but they will always, 100% of the time, fail you in the long run.

The reason is because they are built for short term results which are not safe at all. That is what keeps you buying the fad diets and the pills. When you stop things always get worse.

This is a good article to write about in and of itself. But the fad diets don’t work because they are not a long term solution. It’s something you can’t keep up for the the long term. The fat burning pills are typically just boosted with fiber or caffeine to help you lose water weight.

We’ll talk more about that in a later article for sure.

So What Should You Do?

First, keep reading the blog and more of the articles in our database. These will help you understand what workouts and what foods you should be eating.

The solution for long term weight loss and more importantly, a great looking body that is energized, is actually easy. It’s all about small changes over time that produce big results.

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It’s all about losing weight and then maintaining your ideal weight.

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