This is a very common question and it’s also very complex. With question like this we are going to cover some fundamentals as to why this is probably happening to you. They are very closely tied to the same reason why you can’t seem to lose the weight when you try.

Fundamental 1: You Have Very Little Lean Muscle Mass

Women Aren't Weak

It’s really easy to gain weight when you have very little muscle mass. Lean muscle is a great calorie burner that can help you lean out quickly.

Not having and building lean muscle mass makes it easier for your body to store calories. This is the case if you are still eating too much food or if you are not eating enough food.

You have to learn up about lean mass though because if you start a program that helps you hear, your weight will not react like you think. But all the while your body will shrink. Read here to learn more about what is really going on.

Fundamental 2: You Are Eating Too Much or Not Enough

I actually think that eating not enough is a huge problem for most women that are trying to lose or maintain weight.

It’s not hard to think that if I cut my calories, my body will have no choice but to lose body fat. While you lose weight when this happens, it’s not exactly what you think.

Your body is smart and it knows that it’s not getting energy so it will burn lean mass. It will store fat from the little food you do eat. This is the recipe for what is called skinny fat. You lose weight, but you are packing on more fat the whole time. Your weight goes down because you are burning the heavier lean muscle.

This is dangerous because being skinny fat has the same risks and issues that being obese has. It’s really bad for your body.

Eat more food is typically the solution. If you pair a good exercise program with eating more food you will actually lose body fat and not lean muscle.

Fundamental 3: You Have Habits You Don’t Realize

It’s really easy for you to be a little in denial with nutrition especially. But it’s the same with your workouts.

For example, I have some clients that will skip workouts like crazy. Then they come to me complaining about not losing weight. I point out that first off then have not been working out and then I ask them about their nutrition and nothing has changed… yet they still feel that they should be losing weight.

You have to be careful that you don’t let a little action trick you into thinking you are actually taking real action. This is a common phenomenon with more than just weight loss.

Success only comes through real consistency and it’s slow going at first. But when you start to get momentum, things really take off quickly.

So take note of your real habits. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re doing what is really required. All you have to do is track your daily activities for a few days to see what is really going on.

Fundamental 4: Small Bad Habits Might Be Killing You

Small bad habits might be making it really difficult. Having that glass of wine each night when you come home. Typically this glass of wine is a little bigger than you think or than it should be.

Maybe it could be a regular happy hour that you go to with friend or work friends. Even if you only have a few drinks, track them and you might be surprised at how many you actually drink on a weekly basis.

Now you add these smaller things up and what you’re left with could be hundreds and hundred of empty calories which cause weight gain.

I’ve seen these things happen and it’s quite amazing. Plus they only have a bigger impact if you’re not doing the right workouts as well.

Fundamental 5: You’re Lying To Yourself

I wrote about this before, but stress and too much on your daily plate. Plate meaning your life. You simply too stressed out and you have so much going on that you’re killing yourself.

Take a serious look at what you do each day and what is really important. Women inherently want to please everybody so we typically say yes to to many things.

Learn to say no!

Say NO to the things that don’t fit into your plan. This is not being selfish. It’s actually managing your energy properly so you can impact peoples lives and your own life where it matters most.

Stress will kill your body fast if you keep letting it build up. It leads to all sorts of bad habits and things you don’t realize you do like those giant glasses of wine.

So watch it for a bit to find out what you really need to do.

You’ll notice that a lot of getting started toward the right direction is all about tracking what you do. When you take note of what’s happening in your life, things will change.

It’s amazing to see.