The first part of this article is here. Make sure you read through that.

In the second part, we need to talk about something that is just as important as exercise and nutrition. However, this is often completely overlooked and not taught…

It’s The Right Weight Loss Mindset

Mindset is so big. Think about it. If you believed that no matter what you tried, you were destined to be large and overweight, why would you ever try to lose weight?

This about it like this. If you were taught to hate exercise to much that you just can’t stand doing anything, you’re never going to have a chance to burn fat and change your body.

Everything starts and progresses with the mindset you bring to the take each day.

Here are the fundamental things you need to work on daily. Each of these will help you succeed faster and with far greater results than you can imagine.

1. Personal Belief

You have to believe you can be strong, get fit, have a great body, and continue to live a healthy lifestyle. This is the most important thing.

If you truly believe you can, then nothing will stop you because belief helps to stoke desire for your outcome. But the question comes in, how can you increase your belief?

Many women struggle with belief in the beginning so I always suggest a few things.

  • Focus on what you want daily and really see yourself as you want to be. This sounds hokey but it works the more you do it. Through repetition, you’ll become to believe quickly.
  • Find good success stories that are recent. Learn of women that recently were similar to you that succeeded greatly. Then you have to remember that they are no different than you… if they can do it, you can do it.
  • Ignore the naysayers. It’s sad that everywhere we turn these days, there are naysayers. It’s really sad that many times the biggest naysayers are the people that are closest to us. But ignore them and keep pushing because soon enough you’ll convert them too.

Work on your belief daily and you’ll find that it fuels you more than just weight loss. It will infect all parts of your life and you’ll do so amazing.

2. Desire and Consistency

We mentioned desire and how belief can really help build a desire. But a burning desire can really help to stoke belief as well.

If you desire something so bad that you will not let anything get in the way then you can help but succeed. There is an exercise I talked about before about making your perfect woman and figuring out what she does daily. That is a great exercise in building desire.

Using visualization and imagining what your perfect you would do daily builds great desire for that outcome. It can help you believe and the more you believe in the outcome as well the more desire you can build.

They really feed off each other.

You have to be consistent at this too. You can’t just get all pumped up and then lose it. This happens more than anything. It creating sustained belief and desire that counts.

3. Realize There Will Be Brick Walls In Your Way

There are going to be brick walls in your way. I don’t know what form these brick walls will take but they will be there. You have to make sure that you break through or get around these obstacles to always hit your goals.

Most women that I train are amazing for the first couple weeks and then they slowly succumb to the brick walls that pop up. These could be time commitments or just the feeling of not wanting to workout. They could be related to family or a job.

But a great quote goes like this…

Brick walls are there for a reason, to determine how bad you want it.

This will be harsh to hear but if you succumb to the brick walls then you obviously don’t want your fit and healthy life that bad… yet.

I say yet because that can change. It’s up to you.

Work On Your Mindset And The Rest Just Happens

I can keep going and going on mindset. Make sure you get the quick start guide as we have a full section that is just devoted to this.

When you get your mind right and you consistently work on it, you can’t be stopped.

Amazing things happen for sure.