This is part one of why is losing weight so hard for women. Part two will be linked here when it’s done.

I get asked this question a lot and when I do, I have to give out my little dose of some tough love.

But first, I do want to have a disclaimer. For some women, if you have a thyroid issue or other hormone imbalances, it can be very hard to lose weight properly. So if you’ve tried plans and even my training and no matter how disciplined you’ve been, you might want to visit a doctor to get a full screening.

Okay… why is losing weight so hard?

The real answer is it’s not hard to lose weight. If you have tried a bunch of times and you still can’t get any success, then you might be a little in denial about what your really doing to succeed. Or you are letting your belief sabotage your actions which I’ll talk about in a little bit.

Don’t get mad at me just yet. Like I said, I am going to give you some tough love here.

Think back to all of the different diets, workouts, and other “systems” that you’ve used. Think about what you were supposed to do and what you really did… ask yourself honestly… did you follow the plan?

You probably didn’t.

If you’re like most of my clients, you most likely let things slid when it comes to your nutrition and during your workouts you probably didn’t really push yourself.

Did You Pump Up Your Intensity During The Workout?

Assuming you actually kept a strict workout schedule, are you pushing yourself as hard as you can?

I ask this because it’s something that does not get mentioned enough. When you workout, you have to push yourself past the uncomfortable feelings of tiredness. It’s hard to do when you’re first getting started.

I like to have a mantra where I tell myself… “Just One More!”

When my muscles burn and I feel like stopping, I say to myself with feeling… “Just One More!”

And I keep repeating that until I can’t do anymore. This small mantra used in your workouts will change the way you workout. You’ll see faster and better results and you’ll feel amazing about yourself.

Also before you go into a workout, stop and give yourself a pep talk. Tell yourself that you are going to give it your all and you are not going to leave until you leave everything you have in your workout. It helps!

So are you pushing yourself hard enough?

Nutrition Is The Big Faltering Point For Most Women

When it comes down to it, I think nutrition is where most women falter. When you start a program like Fit Women’s Weekly, you’ll see how easy it is to get the workouts in. You’ll be able to work yourself up to giving each workout everything you have.

But it’s nutrition that is the hardest. There are many reasons this is the case.

  1. There are long standing habits that need to be broken.
  2. You might have a spouse that does not support the foods you want to eat.
  3. You might not have the desire to give up the foods you know logically you should.

This is most likely the reason why losing weight is so hard for you. The best fitness programs can only make a dent in your body image, the lean look you want comes down to nutritional choices.

These are the hard personal choices you have to make to get the success you want.

Here Are Some Tips To Help You Change Your Nutritional Life Around:

Tip 1: Talk With Your Spouse

It drives me crazy these days that eating healthy is viewed as emasculating. It’s a real shame because this makes it really hard for you to eat healthy when you’re spouse openly refuses to eat healthy.

I suggest you sit down with your spouse and have a good talk about it. Tell him what you’re goals are and why. Get his support and you’ll notice your actions change him as well. I’ve seen this with many of my clients. Their changes end up changing their entire family for the better.

Tip 2: Buckle Down And Cook More

This can be tough but in the beginning, buckle down and cook a meal for yourself and for your family too. This is actually really easy when you plan your meals a week in advance which the meal plans at Fit Women’s Weekly can help you do.

But when you are learning more about healthy cooking for yourself, you can start to slip in healthy alternatives to your families meals. I am telling you, soon enough both your children and your husband will come around and love eating healthy meals.

It makes you feel completely different and it’s an amazing feeling!

Tip 3: Start Small And Slowly Grow

Start small by only substituting two evening meals and all of your breakfasts. This is a lot more manageable to put into action. Plus it’s a lot easier to get agreement from everybody in your family to start small like this.

The great thing about starting small with nutrition and fitness is it will also lead to huge results. These changes will then spur on bigger and bolder changes because you’ll want to make them. You’ll feel so good and you’ll want that to continue.

You can also start small by just getting rid of the one or two things that really impact your nutrition. This could be drinking diet cokes, drinking sweet tea, alcohol, or eating dessert every night.

Look at what you’re doing and then make the one or two changes with the foods that are obviously not helping you.

The Bottom Line Is You Have To Take Responsibility

Not matter what type of workout I give you or plan, you have to take the responsibility for yourself to use it properly. When you really take full responsibility for your actions, everything changes.

I think that is one problem. Most women think these changes have be huge and incredibly hard to make. But they are not hard. It just a matter of waking up to the choices you make daily.

When you take responsibility, you’ll see that it’s easy. You’ll wonder how you every let things go and you’ll love the new control you have over your life.

Try it with me. Sign up for my blog updates. Get my quick start guide. I’ll help you make these changes and your life will change rapidly.