Why Turning 30 Isn’t Scary At All & Friday Favorites

It’s Friday! TGIF.

I am more excited than normal on this gorgeous Friday because it’s my birthday weekend. On Sunday, I say goodbye to my 20s as I make the big jump into my thirties.

But before I turn 30, it’s my brother’s special day first. Today my big brother turns 34! Yup, we’re just 2 days apart. Happy Birthday Chad, I hope you have a wonderful day, bubba.


Going into a new decade has me looking back over my life a lot recently. I can’t help but to think over what I have accomplished, what I thought I would have accomplished by now, and how certain decisions have gotten me to where I am right now.

If you asked me when I turned 20 where I would be when I would be 30 it would probably go something like this:

20 Year Old Self:


“When I’m old (because back then 30 sounded OLD), I’ll be finishing up my residency and finishing a business plan to start my own fertility and OB/GYN practice. I’ll have a toddler and a second on the way. I will be married to a tall, blonde, athletic guy Β (I didn’t know Dan yet <– but this came true). And life will be perfect, duh.”

{Almost} 30 Year Old Self:


“Okay so life doesn’t always go as planned. I don’t have the dream house, the kids, the medical practice or the perfect life. But you know what? Life is perfectly imperfect. I wouldn’t change the decisions I’ve made or the life that we’re currently building. I do, however, have the tall, blonde, athletic husband!”

Why Turning 30 Isn’t Scary… At All

In one circle of friends, I am the last to take this leap. I’ve seen many of my friends leave their 20s with dread and with a feeling of “gosh, I’m old.”

When I tell people I’m going into be 30 it’s often with a response that feels more appropriate for a funeral than for a birthday. “Oh, I’m sorry.”


To me, any birthday is a time to celebrate. After all, what’s the alternative? Oh, wait… a funeral.

I’m excited for a change. A new decade is a new chapter. A chance to start over, set new goals and new expectations. A chance to really accomplish my goals.

Unlike my 20s, I have a solid picture of what I want and what I will do with my life. No longer wishing, age has delivered a solid plan.

Do I feel old?

Heck no!

Research shows that women hit their physical peak in their early 30s. Old? Oh no, I’m just not seeing what this body can do! I still have time to get faster, stronger, better. Bring it!

Before I head into a few of my Friday Favorites, I thought it would be fun to share…

10 Reasons Why The 30’s Are

Going To Be Awesome

1. A new age group means I won’t have to compete against Tiny and Katie in races!

2. As a business owner, I’m out of the “you’re so young to be an owner” stage!

3. 30-35 is the range of peak physical fitness for most women. Big goals will be accomplished!

4. Who cares what others think? I know longer feel the need to please others. It’s my life, I’ll do as I please.

5. I know myself. No more questioning what I will be or what I want. I know and I go after it.

6. I can say “No” free of guilt. 20s were all about “yes, yes, yes”. I’ve learned that saying “no” is just as important!

7. I am seen as a real life adult. At 22, we thought we were adults. No, we’re still learning. Finally, at 30 I feel like a grown up.

8. If able, we will actually go after those kiddos. No questions about this one, the 30s we will put effort into building our family.

9. The 30s are the new 20s, right? So what’s the difference?

10. It’s better than the alternative! I would much rather turn 30 then not.

What about you…

If you are 30+, did you have a hard time?

If you’re not over 30, are you nervous for the jump?Β 

A few Friday Favorites…

Friday Favorites

Before I head off, I have to share a few things that I have been loving lately!

Propel Liquid Water Enhancer


Propel recently contacted me about trying their new water enhancers. At first I was hesitant, but decided to give them a try. I get tired of flavorless water a lot and thought if anything, they would help give me some motivation to drink more water.

I didn’t anticipate that I would actually NEED them. After the race, I was extremely dehydrated. To the point of cramping and constipation for DAYS after the race. It was bad but I thought perhaps TMI for the blog.

The Propel came in handy because I knew I needed to bring my electrolytes up and this was the perfect way to hydrate and accomplish that. The Strawberry Kiwi is my favorite! Oh and it has ZERO calories, 80 mg of salt and 20 mg of potassium.

Iced Lattes


Spring is finally here! Temperatures are on the rise and the sun is shining bright. That is the clear sign that it’s time to change from hot coffees to deliciously creamy almond milk iced lattes!

These Nike Capris


While putting together yesterday’s post, I came across these awesome capris at Nike.com.

I think they might have to be a birthday present from myself. Yay or nay?

WOD Mobility Super Nova


Dan and I fight over this. Sticks are good, foam rollers are great, but the Super Nova is AMAZING.

Dan bought this a few months ago, at first I rolled me eyes. We already had plenty of massage and muscle loosening gadgets. But this thing is like the magic fingers for self-myofascial release.

The Super Nova was very popular during the Palmetto 200 with my van mates!

What’s something you’ve been loving?Β 


  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!
    Hope you have a fabulous birthday weekend!
    Totally feel ya on not knowing where you’re going in your 20’s. Finally, nearly 26 it feels like my plan is getting started. Sure hope by the time I’m 30 the plan is a bit farther into the playbook.
    Life really just doesn’t workout the way you plan, even if I only plan it a month in advance! Something I try to embrace.
    Love this post!
    Have a happy birthday girl!

    • It seems like you have everything together now! I am very proud of you and how you’ve grown over the past 2 years! xoxo

  • I’m still in my early 20s, so I still have a few years until I’m 30. I’m actually looking forward to it. You’re right that 30s is the new 20s! When I was younger, I thought 20 year olds were full-fledged adults, but now that I’m 23, I still feel like a kid sometimes (not a real adult yet…)

    • When I was 23 I def felt like a kid! I lived with Dan but felt like we were “playing house”! I had friends having kids and felt like a kid myself. 23 is fun, enjoy every moment!

  • I never get why people think turning 30 is so horrible. You have some wonderful reasons to love your 30’s, I’m sure it’s going to be awesome decade! have a great birthday πŸ™‚

    • I agree, it will be an awesome decade! haha. Thank you Abi!

  • happy bday!!! 30 is awesome. I love being out of my 20’s. and for all these reasons!

    • Thanks friend! I am with ya, can’t wait to say adios to the 20s. So much lays ahead for both of us!

  • Jeanete

    it’s not 30 that makes you feel old.. it’s 33..because then you round up to 35 which rounds up to 40. So you have some time left :)..

    • Bahaha, so really you’re turning 40? Or maybe it’s about who you surround yourself with?? Because I’m younger we can meet in the middle and both of us are turning 33.
      BTW – loved that dress you tried on!

  • Sheena

    Happy Birthday!!! I hope you celebrate with all your favourite things and favourite people πŸ™‚

    I hear ya on the getting older and changing your perspectives! Life changes πŸ™‚ And yes to the capris, 5:30 + no clean capris = teeny tiny short shorts for spin today, aweful! I need these!!

    • Thank you and I just hit the “purchase” button for the pants. Happy Bday to me! πŸ™‚
      We have a full day planned of awesome stuff tomorrow! Can’t wait!

  • MAJOR YAYY to the capris! So cute. Happy happy birthday (to you and your brother!!). Hope you have a fabulous time celebrating. We actually have a birthday party tonight and on Sunday. 30 didn’t bother me at all, 31 did for some reason haha. We’ll see about 32 in September πŸ™‚

    • I just bought them! Bit the bullet. Thank you friend! Can’t wait for bday festivities tomorrow. Running, rock climbing and bowling! Have fun with all the parties! #Partyanimal

  • Kathryn

    30 is also a great excuse to drink some champers! That ball looks alot better than my wrapping paper. xo

    • You know me far too well. It’s already been popped.

  • the supernova is totally on my wishlist! And I’m 26 and do NOT feel like an adult. At all. Probably because my parents are still supporting me… And I have no idea how to do things like file taxes. You’d think I would since I took tax law… but no.

    • Yes, the SN is amazing! At 26 I was feeling like a kid too, and I was married… felt like we were playing house! Taxes aren’t so bad, you just give everything to the “tax guy” and he handles it! πŸ™‚

  • I am loving my 30’s and excited for what every new year brings. I couldn’t have imagined that being the case when I was younger!

    Happy early birthday!

    • Thank you! I am the same. Each year brings new surprises and more reasons to celebrate!

  • Happy Birthday! I turned 30 last year and loved every minute of it. I always looked at 30 as being the age where I am “officially” an adult and people will take me more seriously in my career. It’s an exciting time!

    • Exactly! It’s nice to feel as if I can be taken seriously now.

  • Kim

    Happy birthday weekend – I hope it is awesome and all about you and things you love!!!
    Umm…..I think that the mid-40s have been pretty great actually!!! Truthfully, every single year has just gotten better and better!!! And, I feel like I’m as strong and fit now as I’ve ever been – I no that you will be the same way!!!

    • Thanks Kim! Every year should get better, we learn more about ourselves, become wiser, bolder, and more comfortable in our skin. 20s were all about being naive, self absorbed, and timid.
      Bring it!

  • Happy birthday! Tell the trues i am always 21s and I dont know how it to be in 30…
    Thats why I wish you only the best! Article is also perfect!

  • Happy early birthday, Kindal! I do agree, it’s kinda nice you’re moving up in the age group, and it’s fun that you PRed the last 10K you did as a 25-29 year old :). And 30 really is the new 20, although you have not really aged (I am used to seeing ya with your hair back tho).

    You know, I had completely different expectations for life too… and as much as I don’t have the life I dreamed of, I’m so glad I don’t have it! Because what I have is so much better and so much more special. I could have left for grad school and never married Clay or met any of you guys, and be in the medical field too… which I think I would actually hate. You took a less safe route, having your own personal training/boot camp business. And that makes it that much better (glad you’re out of the “you’re so young to be an owner” dealio too).

    • Thank you Amy! It was a great weekend but ready to get out and start training hard again! It’s funny how life comes together! πŸ™‚

  • Happy Happy Birthday!!!! I hope that you have a wonderful weekend. I personally think that your 30s rock. I was slightly stressed when I turned 30 but quickly realized that it wasn’t a big deal.

    • I think the 30s are going to rock as well! Thank you!

  • Eveliz Garcia

    Happy Birthday, Taylor! May all your birthday wishes come true!

    I just had a birthday earlier in the week (April 1). I was a little nervous because I’m officially closer to my 30s than to my 20s. And though I was nervous, I couldn’t have been happier spending it surrounded with those who love and care about me.

    I agree with your statement about how as you get older you have more of a solid picture of your future. Mine may not be painted as brightly as yours but I’m more confident with the choices in my life and where they will lead me.

    • Thanks Eveliz. Happy birthday! 26 is a great year, it gets better from here on out. Cheers!

  • My 30s were amazing and 40s have been even better πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Jill! I think mine are going to be quite amazing as well!

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