Why Weight Machines Are Worthless & Pegan Updates {Video}

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Too fast I’m sure.

Ours was great, the perfect combination of friends, fun and fitness. You can see the recap here incase you missed it. Otherwise, let’s roll right into today’s show!

In this week’s episode:

Nutrition: A quick update on the Pegan Project. What it is, why I’m doing it and how it’s going so far. Is it possible to be vegan and paleo simultaneously?

Fitness: We go into the gym so I can demonstrate the cons of using weight machines. More specifically, the squat press and the chest press machines.

That’s enough chit-chat, I’ll let you watch it!

Pegan Update:

It’s only been 1 full day so far since I started the Pegan Project so I don’t have much to update. It’s been pretty simple so far, and quite delicious. I found this “Creamed Coconut” at Whole Foods on Friday and tossed about a teaspoon into my lunch time smoothie.

creamed coconut

OMG, it was so good. Give this stuff a try. It comes hard (because coconut oil is hard at room temperature) but after running it under warm water for a few minutes, it liquified perfectly.

Because this is a whole new experience, if you have ANY resources, recipes, recommendations, etc for me please share. I love doing research and there will be a ton of research done through out this 4-week challenge.

To keep up with how it’s going, check out my social info below!

In The Gym: 80% Of The Gym Stinks

Take a look around the gym, 80% of the floor is probably covered with exercise machines… am I right? The rest is left for cardio and free weights.

It’s so sad too because out of the three sections, the machines are the least worthy of your time for results.

I’ve written about machines in the past and I think it’s important to reiterate fro time to time that they suck.

Really. Well, maybe not if you’re rehabbing or something but for the 97% of gym goers… they suck.

exercise machines stink

-Set range of motion.

They are set on a track so there is only one way to move the weight: in the direction they want you to. This means that you won’t have to make use of your smaller stabilizer muscles, which in turn means you won’t get to improve your neuromuscular pathways… or the ability of your brain and muscles to communicate. Important for day to day living!

-Isolated moves.

Taking from the issue above, there is the problem that by using just one muscle at a time that it is isolating them. So for example, if you’re working on your legs you will have to spend far too much time moving from machine to machine… all the leg machines to get a decent workout. No thanks, just do free weight moves like squats and you target all the muscles!

-Good Bye Core.

Free moving exercises like lunges, squats, push-ups and bench press have one major thing in common: they activate your core. A strong core means you’re more likely to face injuries and have back pain; have improved posture; enjoy a boost in overall physical performance; and of course… who doesn’t love having a strong stomach? Machines don’t activate the core (are you suppose to be sitting down during EVERY exercise of a workout?) and therefore less results.

And that is a wrap for the day! I hope your Monday is awesome, make it your goal to do something that will set the rest of the week to be positive. Instead of looking at it as the dreaded Monday, look at it as a day to be freakin’ awesome! Deal?

What’s in your favorite smoothie/shake? 
What’s your favorite exercise machine?

My killer lunch shake included: coconut cream, ½ avocado, ¼ cup frozen pineapple, spinach and vanilla SunWarrior protein. Holy YUM!

As for machines, clearly I am not a big fan of them however there are a few that actually serve a purpose. My favorite being the assisted pull-up machine. Because you truly are doing a pull-up (with a boost) it’s a great tool to help get stronger and perhaps doing pull-ups without the machine!

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  • So I haven’t commented on your pegan adventure yet…I’d love to discuss more at coffee today. I’m against any diet that really restricts what is you can eat (I’m all for re-structuring how much you eat of different foods…but overall elimination makes me plain angry). GREAT thoughts on machines. I do think machines have the benefit of helping those who are just getting into weights get started without feeling like they’re floating on their own….but I do think we have a tendency to be dependent.

    • Yes we can def chat! I am actually 100% in agreeance with you, I believe that eating clean, unprocessed is the way to go. That each person should simply make small changes to clean up their diet yet still enjoy the treats in moderation. This experiment is by no means a diet I would EVER suggest and is not meant to be so. It’s purely a way for me to step into the shoes of others (the paleo) to see what draws them in and to see how my body reacts.

  • I’m excited to read about the Pegan diet. I’m honestly scared I wouldn’t get good nutrition doing it, and that it would be a hassle trying to find something I could eat. But I’m definitely open to reading about it and also any recipes or products that you recommend.

    I think some machines are okay, but I almost never use the gym machines, aside from the treadmill, bike, and elliptical. Those are good, especially days like today :). All my weights are free weights, barbell, or body weight these days, but I used to do the gym weights all the time. It mostly made me sore, I don’t think it helped my functional strength much.

    • It definitely is an educational experience. I feel the same as when i first went vegan… staring at my pantry learning how to cook all over again. Luckily I have found some great resources online.

  • Jacques Strap

    I used to use a thick resistant band to assist with pull-ups before I was strong enough to hoist myself. Even the pullup machine wasn’t needed thanks to a cheap bit of latex!

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