Is working out in the morning really the best? Some say it is, some don’t. Well I am going to show you irrefutable evidence that proves the morning hours are the best time to workout.

But more than that, I’ll show you the other times during the day that are optimal and the one time that might actually be doing more harm that good.

Why Working Out In The Morning Is The Best…

I can hear you now… “I’m not a morning person. There is no way I’m going to be exercising in the morning!”

If you’re not a morning person then it will be tough, but the evidence is clear, the morning is the best time to exercise. Here’s why…

1. It Gets You Jacked Up First Thing In The Day

Most people don’t get enough sleep as it is. As a culture, we are tired and that is why we constantly jack up the energy drink market. It used to be that coffee was huge, but now energy drinks are enormous. It’s because we have to artificially stimulate our bodies to get through the day.

Working out in the morning naturally gets you a boost of sustained energy that will last you all morning and into the afternoon. At this time you might start to crash again if you have not been sleeping, but a morning workout gets you started the right way each morning.

2. You’ll Sleep Better At Night

The energy jack we just talked about is a proven symptom of exercise. It’s a little delayed but it’s there and it works. If you exercise too late in the evening, you’ll have some issues falling asleep because of this same energy increase.

That is why it’s so much more effective to exercise in the morning. Plus a morning workout will help you sleep better at night because your body will crave sleep more. It NEEDS that time to recover desperately.

3. You’ll Eat Better Through The Day

When you first wake up, it’s good to get something in your stomach because your body needs it. A good protein shake with some carbs and veggies or fruit mixed in is perfect. It will help you workout much better.

Then after your workout, you can have a great breakfast to fuel your body all morning long. After this, you are going to be much more inclined to keep your diet healthy all day.

It’s similar to this scenario… When you let your self cheat on anything, you’re a lot more likely to keep cheating. You’ll think to yourself… “Well I just let this day fall apart there. I’ll restart fresh tomorrow as a new day.”

That gives yourself permission to continue cheating all day long. Workout in the morning and the same affect takes place but for you daily benefit because you just got the best start you can imagine.

4. You Get Your Workout Done

It’s so nice to have your workout finished and over with in the morning. Now you can let your day unfold and you won’t have to worry about interruptions messing up your schedule.

When those inevitable interruptions come, you’ll smile to yourself knowing that you got your workout in and you’ll feel so good because of that.

5. You’re More Focused

Finally, you’re a lot more focused in the morning. Your brian has not been influenced by work issues, family issues, or bad news from the TV.

You get to be alone with yourself and focus on your body and mind. It’s a great therapeutic way to start your day. You’ll be more mentally sharp, you’ll feel a lot better about yourself, and if you have a group which you should, you’ll have the satisfaction of checking in and being held accountable… as well as helping to keep others in your group accountable.

A Morning Workout – Even A Short One – Is The Best Morning Start

My workout prescriptions only have you working out three days a week. So what do you do on the off days?

You can do some interval training or stretching. Basic yoga is a great thing to do. But get a little something in just to build the habit and use your body.

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