I was just on Facebook and a person in my network posted up a success story from the show, Extreme Weight Loss. A morbidly obese woman lost over 160 pounds. She lost this weight over a 12 month period.

Let’s put this into perspective… 160 pounds at 12 months, so we have on average… 13.33 pounds every month. (She didn’t lose weight so consistently, but it’s still important to calculate this number.)

So for this contestant, on average she dropped about 13.33 pounds each month.

I’m guilty of saying in my business that on average you can/should lose 10 pounds each month if you do what I tell you to do. But this depends on a lot more than just following my training prescriptions.

Both of these are very very VERY dangerous if you don’t understand what’s going on.

Here’s Why And What This Has To Do With Fasting… Keep Reading

1. How much weight do you have to lose?

It’s freaking hard being a woman. Watch this Dustin Hoffman video because dressing up as a woman helped him appreciate the incredible stress we place on ourselves to look good.

But think about this… how much weight do you really have to lose?

If you’re like most women, you can’t possibly lose 10 pounds every month or by month 3 or 4 you’ll whittle away to nothing.

Not to mention, the more weight you have to lose… i.e. contestants on shows like Extreme Weight Loss… the more dramatic and long term the weight will continue to fall off.

If you have hundreds of pounds to lose, of course the weight falling off will take longer and look better from the outside. Of course it will be more dramatic when compared to your own body.

It may seem obvious but this impacts the mental view we have when our weight loss doesn’t match up. So we do dangerous things like fast to lose weight.

2. The Need For Consistent Weight Loss Leads To Fasting

Most of the clients I work with understand that fasting is not how you lose weight. But even though they understand this, there is a mental block that happens because they all end up trying fasting to lose weight.

I really can’t explain it.

It’s been drilled into our heads that we need to eat less to lose weight. And it’s true, you do need to eat less to lose weight, but not always.

If you only have 10 to 15 pounds to lose or if you only want to lose 10 to 15 pounds – depending on some issues – it’s probably not a calorie issue at all.

In fact fasting to lose weight is more often than not causing you to gain body fat and putting your body into a position so when you stop fasting, you gain weight faster than ever before.

I think I need to explain why that happens.

Why Fasting Makes You Weigh More While Packing On The Fat

I know I’m going a little bit of everywhere in this article but sit tight for a couple more minutes. This might just change your life… read on!

When you fast, it works for about a week or so depending on your body. You give up massive amounts of calories and your body starts to tap into it’s stored body fat to make up for the missing energy.

Alls good.

But soon enough your body continues to see that the missing calories are no longer coming from food. So it starts to panic a little because if the energy isn’t going to come from food and it’s currently using stored body fat… then soon enough it will run out of extra body fat and have no energy to pull from at all.

That’s not good.

So your body switches from burning extra body fat to storing body fat. It wants to store as much extra energy as possible because it has no idea how much longer it’s going to be without adequate food for energy.

Rather than burn extra body fat, your body begins breaking down muscle mass. Muscle is expendable and without lots of energy, it can’t be created so it starts to get rid of it.

Plus it releases lots of hormones to help with the storage of fat. A stress hormone, I’m sure you’ve heard about, called cortisol is released to help store more body fat at a faster rate.

So now you’re storing more body fat and losing muscle mass. Guess that that may look like on the scale?

Weight Loss!

Eventually, you get sick of fasting because you’re hungry all the time, your moody, irritable, and you just feel like a sack of crap. You’re tired of that feeling and you want to eat.

You probably think…

“Wow I just fasted all that time and lose all this weight… I deserve a pizza with all the fixings.”

So you start to eat normal again and your body is all of sudden rushed with a huge intake of calories. It’s like, “Holy crap! what’s going on? Where did all this come from?”

You see, it was burning muscle for energy, but it was also burning muscle so it would not require as much energy to live. For simplicity sakes, your metabolism went way way down so you can live off of less energy.

But Now You’re Eating ‘Normal’ Again!

Your body can’t possibly burn all these extra calories. So what does it do? It stores them as body fat. More and more and more body fat.

But this time rather than get smaller while storing body fat (because you’re were losing muscle at the same time), you just get bigger and bigger because now you’re storing a lot more body fat. And you’re weight goes up.

On top of this you can’t build new muscle because new muscle requires exercise and resistance training. So unless you start this, you won’t build muscle. Even more you have to realize that if you do start to train correctly, you’re weight will probably go up because muscle does weight more than fat. That can be a tough pill to swallow as it goes against what we’ve been trained to think by big media.

Of course this was a simplified version of what goes on and there’s lots of science behind the scenes. But you don’t need to understand the science… who cares about the science.

All you need to fully understand is this…

Fasting For Weight Loss Doesn’t Work… In Fact Fasting For Weight Loss Works In Reverse!

I know this is going to be hard to gasp and put into practice. If you’ve even made it this far in the article, then I hope you give it a shot.

But it will be tough. The media and outside world tell you to eat less, not more. Cut your calories and do a juice cleanse… don’t eat more.

All this garbage information spread on TV… and of course if it’s on TV it must be true right?


Well I hope this got you thinking. I hope you consider what weight loss is to you. Consider how much weight do you have to lose. Consider how you can actually lose bad weight and keep the good weight.

If you have questions about all of this and you want to actually know how to burn the bad weight and keep the good weight, join Fit Women’s Weekly Premium.

You’ll learn it all and you’ll do it the right way.