Will Losing Weight Create A Fairy Tale Ending?

  • If I only had a million dollars, my life would be better.
  • If I only had 3 extra hours in my day, my life would be much more productive.
  • If I only lost 20 more pounds, I would be a different person.

Have you ever said something similar?

I know I have. But the truth of the matter is…

The more money you accumulate, the more your day to day living expenses get. Even if you make the announcement:

No way, if I won a million dollars, my lifestyle would remain the same.

Nope, not true, it’s human. And so, with a million dollars, you’ll one day wake up and announced… If I only had 2 million dollars, life would be better.

As far as hours in a day, those extra 3 would get filled up and you would be praying for 3 more. Wondering how the heck you got by when you only had 24.

And as for weight loss…

Well, that’s a tough one.

Fairy Tale Expectations

I’ll proudly stand up and say I have high expectations. And I have what Dan refers to as “Disney Dreams”. The idea that when I hit a certain goal, life will suddenly be fabulous. I’ll wake up a princess, Dan my prince charming, and the glass slipper will suddenly fit perfectly.

But here’s the thing…

The truth is I wear sweaty clothes all day, I don’t have fairies or forrest animals offering to wash my dishes, and my prince charming lets out some very uncharming sounds daily… and that glass slipper? Does a Mizuno count?

snow white

Life is what it is, there will always be good mixed in with sour, and no matter how much we dream of living like Cinderella… that’s just not reality.

So Let’s get back to the real topic…

What Does Weight Loss Really Mean?

Truth be told, it doesn’t mean a lot. You can lose all the weight in the world but still not be impressed with the person in the mirror.

fairy tale


You can achieve that 20 pound weight loss, see that “magic” number flashing back at you on the scale yet look in the mirror and think “Oh, I think I still need to lose 10 more pounds… then, I’ll feel amazing.” It’s can be a never ending trip, trust me I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole a time or two myself.

Why do we let a number reflect our happiness? What power does it have and what right does it have to use it?

Remember what we learned as kids…

Inanimate Objects Can’t Bring Happiness

And if I remember correctly, the scale is an inanimate object.


Which means one thing…

Your weight won’t make you a different person.

However it can help you do some amazing things that can.

Finding Happiness With Yourself

Instead of relying on a scale, a machine made of plastic and metal, to change you… change yourself.



Here are a few ways to make it happen:

1. Get Stronger. Remember the days when you got tired just walking up a flight of stairs? Those days are over, because you’re working out regularly. You’re doing both strength training and cardio to help make you stronger, fitter. You see definition you’ve never seen before… now that’s confidence.

2. Focus on the whys. If you’re an emotional eater (which I am) focus on what causes you to grab for 3 more cookies. What is really causing you to eat more, move less, or avoid sleep? When you correct these issues, the good habits will naturally start happening.

3. Toss out or burn “fat” clothes. You’ve lost weight which means you have a different figure underneath your clothes. Start showing it off with clothes you really love. A true story: two weeks ago, we had a celebration “burning” ceremony at one of my boot camps. We literally burned a shirt of one of the girls because it was her old “coverup” from when she wanted to hide her body.

4. Measure workouts. I mentioned working out, but going a bit deeper, I think it’s just as important to track them. Tracking improvement and progression allows you to gain confidence quickly. One day you’re proud you even made it through an entire workout, the next you’re proud you killed your previous scores. This gives you more courage to take action and try new things outside of the gym.

5. You’re setting an example. We love to be admired. Forget about the “number” on the scale and recognize that people are watching you and your efforts in awe and becoming inspired. Even if you don’t realize it, you are an inspiration for someone… maybe lots of someones. So keep going.

And perhaps the most important…

6. Know happily ever after doesn’t exist. This isn’t meant to sound negative at all. It’s actually a good thing. Life moves forward and with it means you’ll be faced with highs, lows and in betweens. But everything is for a reason. When it comes to losing weight, your journey never ends. Once you achieve the look you’ve been craving, this is not a green light to neglect your workouts or healthy diet habits. Otherwise you’ll be right back where you started. You have to work for it, and you have to embrace it for what it is: A lifestyle. 

I’m sure Sleeping Beauty has to work for her status, or it’s back to the forrest…


Look at it for what it is. You’re doing so much more than just losing weight… that’s just the side effect.

This is perhaps the BIGGEST idea to keep in mind. Forget about  looking at this as a journey to lose 20 pounds. Instead, look at it for what it is… a journey to improve your lifestyle, health, and confidence.

It’s those 3 things that will have the greatest impact overall… not the flashing number.

So, my questions to you are:

Who’s your favorite disney princess?


What do you want out of your exercise and nutritional habits?

I love Belle. I can remember dancing and singing around my house as a little kid. I think that Princess Jasmine might be #2 on the list.

Personally, I want to be inspiration for my boot campers. I want to have a body that I am proud of, I want to be strong enough to use Dan’s kettlebell, I want to have energy from the time I wake up to the time I plop into bed, but most important…

I want to live a long and healthy life so I can continue to do everything that I love.


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