If you’re reading this, I am pretty certain you’ve never experienced a drug withdrawal. However, you may have had to give up or cut back on coffee.

I used to drink about a pot and a half everyday. It was insane. If I didn’t get my coffee in the afternoon, a terrible headache would set it. It came time when my stomach started to hurt randomly that I knew I had to cut back to only mornings.

The withdrawal was terrible. About a full week of a constant headache. Advil didn’t help. It was just pure pounding of the head all the time.

But now… I feel great. I don’t need coffee anymore. In fact I drink less in the morning too and that just happened naturally. I’m drinking more water and that’s a really good thing.

It turns out that a recent study found that…

Cutting Back Or Giving Up High Fat & Sugary Foods Will Cause Withdrawal Too

This can help explain one reason why it’s so hard to give up the “so called” foods you love. Perhaps you don’t love them, you’re just addicted to them. It’s an interesting way to think about it.

Here’s the study…

Researchers at the University of Montreal’s Faculty of Medicine took two groups of mice. Apparently mice’s brains function and react very similar to our own… who knew!?!

These mice were split up into two groups. Group one was fed a high fat diet (which they don’t go into detail about) and group two a low fat diet.

  • The high fat diet had 58% of the calories for the day coming from fat sources.
  • The low fat diet had 11% of the calories for the day coming from fat sources.

They let the mice stay on these diets for 6 weeks.

What Happened To These Mice?

The “high fat diet” mice had an increase in waist size by 11%. Larger but not yet obese for a mouse. This was key as you’ll see in a minute.

They researchers not only studied the behavior of the mice, but they looked at their brains as well.

Here’s what they saw…

  • The “high fat diet” mice showed signs of anxiety because they would avoid all open areas.
  • They appeared depressed as well not responding to rewards.
  • There was a sharp rise in a chemical called corticosterone which increases stress levels.

According to Dr. Fulton, the lead researcher,

“The chemicals changed by the diet are associated with depression. A change of diet then causes withdrawal symptoms and a greater sensitivity to stressful situations, launching a vicious cycle of poor eating.”

What Does This Mean To You?

Remember when they kept the mice from getting obese?

Well the point of that was to demonstrate that even if you’re just barely overweight and you’re diet is high in fatty and sugary foods, you will have these chemical changes occur in your brain.

By simply changing your diet, or trying too, you’ll experience higher stress, anxiety, and withdrawal which will make you want to eat more sugar and high fat foods. It’s the classic withdrawal scenario.

As if trying to eat healthy was not hard enough, now there are all these chemical changes to deal with.

That ‘s Why I Suggest The Slow And Steady Route

This is why I highly suggest you start with just one day where you start to make changes. Only one day out of the week and over time that will build. You’ll soon start to see and feel positive changes.

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