It’s been in the news a lot the second half of this year… sitting down for long periods of time is apparently horrible for our health. So much so that it’s a leading cause of chronic diseases. I’ve linked to it before, but here is that famous info graphic again.

However, the carnage of sitting is not over yet. The solution we thought was to get up and move and exercise. However, according to this one study, women who meet the US governments guidelines for physical activity are still sitting down throughout the day just as much as women who don’t workout at all.

The research was done by Northwestern Medicine. They also looked at past study that apparently researched the same things (who knew those even existed)… and they found that even with physical activity, a person who sits for extended periods of time can develop:

  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Even some cancers!

Why The New Study Was Done

The old studies were all based on self reported data. As you would imagine this type of data is less than accurate.

The new study took 91 healthy women from 40 to 75. Each woman wore an activPAL monitor device during walking hours for one week. The device could record the time sitting, walking and measured 10 minute bouts of exercise they claim to be moderate to vigorous.

Here’s My Beef With This Study (Which They Mention Too)

Walking is not exercise. Yes it’s movement and it’s good, but it’s not exercise… exercise is something like this. That’s exercise!

Being a study, they also use the vague terms like moderate to vigorous without actually defining what they were doing. Why do studies always use lame political speak and hide the details?

They do redeem themselves a little…

The researchers said that future studies are needed to examine the relationship of different forms of exercise along with different types of people… not just women or certain ages.

What Should You Do?

I do think that if you sit down a lot you need to get up. Even though I am training clients a lot during the day, I still sit down to blog and build my online training business.

This keeps me in a chair quite a bit.

Just get up to move around. Doing some pushups or pullups… do something fun and different to make movement worth it.

I’ll write a good article on tools you can use to help you move more!

Finally… kick up your exercise. Learn to push yourself outside your comfort zone. You’ll be surprised that zero of these chronic issues will both you when you exercise right and eat right.